Inspiring student worked several odd jobs to support studies

MANILA, Philippines –
A lot of people would say that poverty is not a hindrance to success, yet others would argue that poverty hinders anyone from finding success in life. However, a lot of people have continually proven that even those who experienced so many hardships in life, especially in the financial aspect, can still succeed in life and live their dreams!

John Philip Constantino Bravo inspiring story

John Philip Constantino Bravo has experienced so many hardships while growing up that there were times when he questioned his fate, asking why he and his family would be fated to be poor among the billions of people that God created.

“Walang araw na hindi kami nakadama ng pangamba. Dumadating kami sa point na wala na kaming maisaing na bigas at problema na naman ang bukas. Minsan itlog, sardinas, o noodles na inutang pa ang nasa hapag-kainan. Kapag walang nadiskarte si Tatay, toyo, bagoong o asin na lang,” he recalled.

Though still young, he began to work odd jobs in 2013 to earn money for food and to support his studies. He began doing event hosting and also became a choreographer. He also worked as fast food crew, encoder at a computer shop, and lots of other odd jobs just to support his family.

John Philip Constantino Bravo inspiring story
Photo credit: John Philip Constantino Bravo / Facebook

He would also participate in Essay Writing, News and Editorial Writing contests in school because the money he received as a prize in winning already helped bring food to the table.

But due to poverty, his parents told him to quit school. They just can’t afford to send him to college. It was against his will, but John had no choice.

In 2015, he moved to Manila to find a job and got one as Customer Service Representative at Teleperformance Philippines. He received numerous awards and recognitions at work. Though he was doing well in his job, he could not shake off his dream of graduating from college.

So, John went back to school in 2017. He did not quit his job but struggled to juggle his work with his studies as Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Production student at the University of Makati. There were many times when he barely had 1 hour of sleep in one day. He was so exhausted yet he never gave up.

John Philip Constantino Bravo inspiring story
Photo credit: John Philip Constantino Bravo / Facebook

“Sobrang hirap kasi my work demands me to be active, dapat alive and energetic ka during your calls at dapat mahaba ang pasensya mo. Wala talagang choice, hindi din puwedeng sumuko. And I could not afford to fail, my family needs me. It’s tough. It really is tough,” he shared.

“Being a full-time working, full-load Broadcast Production student was definitely challenging; it gave me a chance to invigorate and prove myself; it helped me prepare in dealing with the real world and the people I will meet in the future.”

Now that he was finally able to graduate, John shared his inspiring story. Congratulations, John!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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