3 unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas that your girl will surely love

MANILA, Philippines – In just few days, love will once again be in the air as the much-awaited Valentine’s Day takes its place for each and every couple’s hearts.
unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas that your girl will surely love

Traditionally, flowers, chocolates, and teddy bears flood the malls and even bazaars; everywhere you look, this lovely “VDay-Trio” will surely catch your attention and will make you buy them without hesitation for the sake of love.

But conventional heart’s day presents are predictable and believe it or not, although they are sweet and thoughtful, there’s no longer an element of surprise.

Here are three unique gift ideas that will surely fill your sweetheart’s love tank.

1. Scrunchies bouquet

Scrunchies bouquet Valentine's Day

At first glance, this shiny bouquet looks like a bunch of artificial flowers. But, hey, they are made of satin scrunchies (or ponytails), wrapped fabulously in suchen specialty paper.

What’s more fascinating about this scrunchies bouquet is: they are available in eight vibrant colors that you can mix-and-match. Just a pro tip. Opt for your and your girl’s favorite colors to make it even romantic.

This lovely bouquet starts from Php100 to Php360; an amorous gift that won’t break your bank.Scrunchies Bouquet is available at GYN Collection.

2. Acrylic on canvas portrait

Gentlemen, heads-up! Impress your significant other with these elegant and hand-crafted paintings by visual artist Jorgs of Jorgs Art & Painting.

Acrylic on canvas portrait Valentines Day

These paintings are available in 24x32, 8x11, and 24x33 sizes and price starts at Php2,000.

These are the types of presents that will make a long-lasting memory; as famous painter Pablo Picasso said: “Painting is another way of keeping a diary”.

3. Custom mobile phone case

Does Ackikay Stuff ring a bell? If it doesn’t, you may want to drop by the social media accounts and pages of Bella Padilla, Sue Ramirez, and Alodia Gosiengfiao just to name a few celebrities and check their stylish mobile phone cases meticulously done by Leyn Navarra.

Custom mobile phone case Valentine's Day

Every phone case is unique and tells a million stories as it’s customizable according to the client’s preferred colors and interests.

Price starts at Php900; a bit pricey for a phone case but it’s totally worth it! Just ask the celebrity patrons and your girlfriend or wife would surely want to have one.

If budget is currently an issue, there are creative ways that can wow your partners and make this special day memorable. Besides, February 14 is not the only day where we express love towards someone. Any day is special as long as we sincerely mean it.

Drop a comment below if you have any other unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

— Joey Boy Capos,The Summit Express

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