Teacher spends last hours making grades, completing schoolwork at hospital

MANILA, Philippines – A teacher spends his last hours making grades and completing schoolwork at the hospital. His dedication to his job brought both pride and unhappiness to his daughter who wished that she was able to spend more time with him before his death.

Teachers are known for their dedication to their work. They are often working extra long hours to finish tests, work on lesson plans, check papers and projects, make grades, and all the stuff that teachers do.

This is proven by the late Alejandro Navarro, a Math teacher at Del Rio Middle School and pastor at Iglesia Cristo Vive in Del Rio, Texas. On his deathbed, he was too busy completing schoolwork and making grades to ensure he’s done with everything before he dies! Talk about dedication and devotion to the teaching profession.

Navarro’s daughter, Sandra A. Venegas, shares a photo of her dad busy on his laptop while on the hospital bed. His hands were strapped to IV lines, yet he was determined to finish as much of his work as he could.

Photo credit: Sandra A. Venegas / Facebook

Venegas clarified that her dad does not have COVID-19 but was hospitalized for another serious condition as the doctors had asked him to decide whether he should be intubated and given CPR or if he wants to go in peace, just in case his heart stops.

On his way to the hospital, the teacher had made sure to bring his laptop and charger so he could work. He wanted to make sure that he’s finished with all the grades and report cards he has to make, his daughter explained.

“The last time I saw him was Monday and he spent the two hours I was at his house working. I wish I would have closed his laptop and enjoyed spending time with him,” she wrote.

“Teachers put in so many extra hours, hours that many don't realize. Even during a pandemic, even during a health crisis, teachers worry about completing their duties.”

Though she feels sad that she was not able to spend those last precious hours with him, Venegas feels proud of her dad whose dedication inspired the world. In honor of her dad, she urges people to be supportive of teachers but also reminded everyone to spend more time with their families, not their jobs.

“Thank your teachers. If you are married to one, help them set boundaries, if you are the daughter/son of one, don't let them work once they're home. Be kind to your teachers. ♥️

Teachers let's not normalize working after hours, let's not normalize staying at work late. You are replaceable at work. You are NOT replaceable at home. 💔

Dad, you will be greatly missed! I love you!”

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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