Rabiya Mateo stands up against Indonesian bashers

MANILA, Philippines – Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo stood up against bashers who tried to bully her over an edited video.

Rabiya Mateo
Photo Credit: Facebook/Rabiya Mateo

On Instagram, Rabiya wrote a lengthy message defending herself against bashers who called her names and said she had a bad attitude. This came after an Indonesian pageant page shared an edited video of her showing her doing a "kontrabida" role.

In the video, Rabiya can be seen acting on what her reaction would be if her first runner up protested against her win. With her hands on her hips, Rabiya's dialogue goes, "Girl, what are you doing? Like, can’t you accept that I defeated you in the first place?"

"Like, you can ruin my crown, my moment, but you cannot take away the fact that I won this competition. I’m a Filipino and don’t mess [with me]," she said.

Rabiya's answer didn't seem to sit well with many Indonesian pageant fans and received a barrage of criticisms.

The beauty queen appealed for the bashing to stop. She wrote, "This needs to stop. This video was cut, and some people are making issues out of this and trying to bully me on IG."

“In the first part of the video, which was not included here, we talked about the fact that if I'm gonna accept any role in the future, I wanted to be an antagonist because I really wanna challenge myself."

“The hosts gave me a situation, and I had a disclaimer that this is just a role -- before and after this video -- which was also cut.”

Rabiya went on to say that there we can support our own bets without dragging others down. She also said she has "nothing but love and admiration for Indonesians.”

She continued, “Pageants should be fun. We need to create a positive image in empowering women."

“I know bashers will always be there, but can we not normalize things that are evil and not right? Hatred is an acquired behavior. We can surely unlearn it and start doing the right thing," Rabiya said.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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