16 FoodPanda riders pranked in Manila with orders amounting to Php1,900 each

MANILA, Philippines – In Paco, Manila, another group of 16 FoodPanda riders got victimized by a prankster who used a fake address in making the orders. What’s sad is that each FoodPanda rider was carrying an order worth around Php1,700 to Php1,900!

Rome Vladimir Agito Cuevas was surprised when several FoodPanda riders arrived at their house on Tuesday, December 15, to deliver the food orders that someone from their address had supposedly purchased.

The family was at a loss for words as the riders arrived at their address with the same statement. Without anyone to bring the orders to, the FoodPanda riders stayed for a while outside Cuevas’ house.

“Maawa naman kayo sa mga Food Panda/Grab Riders. Samin pa na address. Daming order a. Party??? May parating pang iba,” Cuevas wrote, sharing a photo of the poor riders outside his house.

16 FoodPanda riders pranked in Paco
Photo credit: Rome Vladimir Agito Cuevas / Facebook

Taking pity on the riders who got victimized by a heartless prankster, Cuevas and his family decided to buy some of the orders. Their other neighbors also did the same thing, though there were just too many riders for them to pay for everything.

What’s sad is that there were even riders who were just using bikes to deliver the food to their address but had to go back without getting their payment from the fake customer.

While there had been a number of similar pranks in the past or even accidental multiple orders, this seems to be the most expensive prank of all. This led a lot of netizens to comment that FoodPanda and other food delivery app companies should do something to prevent their riders from being victimized in this manner.

During a protest against the company by several FoodPanda riders last November, a rider who requested anonymity said that many of them end up paying for fake orders and delivery scams because these get listed as order cancelations. In turn, several of these could lead to the rider’s low rating and subsequent suspension.

“Para ma-maintain ang batch, binabayaran ng mismong rider ang pagkain na inorder sa fake booking. Nangyari na rin ho sa akin. 'Yon ang pinakamasaklap dahil sarili naming pera ang ginastos namin para doon,” the rider said.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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