PBB housemate Justin Dizon goes viral for rude remark: Marumi ka nga pala

MANILA, Philippines – Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Connect housemate Justin Dizon quickly became a trending topic on Thursday, December 17, after he was caught making a snide remark towards a fellow housemate.
PBB housemate Justin Dizon goes viral for rude remark

Netizens couldn't help but air their frustration and disappointment over Justin's "rude behavior" while interacting with Jie-Ann Armero. In the footage shared online, Justin was having a slight banter with Jie-Ann, who admitted she is not used to taking a bath daily.

PBB housemate Justin Dizon

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Jie-Ann just got out of the bath with a towel wrapped around her hair. Justin, who has just finished washing his hands, called Jie-Ann and wiped his hands on her towel.

Jie-Ann brushed aside the act and said, "Wala akong pakialam, sanay na ako sa ganyan." Justin made a face and remarked, "Really? Sabagay, marumi ka nga pala.”

PBB housemate Jie-Ann

In the interview of Jie-Ann, she explained why she is not used to taking regular baths. The housemate from Sarangani, shared with Big Brother that their town suffers from water shortage. To be able for them to have clean water, they have to purchase it for P12 per container. Since their family only has three containers and because it is costly, Jie-Ann has no choice but to skip baths to save water.

Justin's remark didn't sit well with netizens online who called him for being rude and arrogant.

The discussion also turned into a social issue as netizens called out government officials for not providing basic needs such as enough water for places like Jie-Ann's hometown.

Gigi Esguerra, a strong voice of the LGBT community also recalled how Justin also made offending remarks.

Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Connect opened its doors for Filipino dreamers on December 6 for the ninth main season of the reality show.

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— Sally, The Summit Express

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