Flight attendant shares words of encouragement after losing job

MANILA, Philippines – She felt devastated after losing her job due to the COVID-19 crisis, but a flight attendant from Cebu Pacific Air would later share words of encouragement that inspired netizens.

Lead Cabin Crew of Cebu Pacific Air, Maurice Maureen Avila enjoyed having ‘wings’ and truly loved her job.

She worked hard to become a flight attendant and was proud of her job. But when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country, she got laid off from her dream job. Though already a Lead Cabin Crew, she was among those who were laid off in the second wave of retrenchment as the airline struggled to survive amid the massive revenue losses.

Airlines and other companies in the travel industry were among those massively affected by the COVID-19 crisis since travel has been greatly restricted.

As expected, Avila felt devastated after losing the job; though it wasn’t through her own fault. She admitted that she cried for 2 weeks and didn’t want to eat. It truly hurt the young flight attendant to think that she failed in life because she lost this job.

“Gabi gabi tinatanong ko ang Diyos, ‘Bakit kailangan mong kunin yung pangarap na pinaghirapan ko?’” she wrote.

It didn’t help that several well-meaning people messaged to ask whether she’s alright. Though they meant well, she felt too embarrassed to answer their queries.

Flight attendant
Photo credit: Maurice Maureen Avila / Facebook

But she eventually accepted her fate. As the days passed, she cried less and eventually found the courage to start a business with her boyfriend, Carl Anthony Beniga. Now, instead of pulling a trolley bag to the airplane, she pulls a trolley with an LPG tank to their customers.

She continues to dream of returning to her high-flying job someday but is now the source of inspiration to many as she encouraged others to look on the bright side.

“HINDI DAPAT IKAHIYA NA NATANGGAL KA SA TRABAHO. To others na nawalan din ng trabaho during this Pandemic, don’t lose hope. Narealize ko sa one and half month, na kahit anong gusto natin sa buhay kung hindi naman talaga yun ang plano ni Lord, kukunin at kukunin nya yun sayo,” she wrote on Facebook.

Flight attendant
Photo credit: Maurice Maureen Avila / Facebook

“Para sa mga gusto pa ding magFA, kita kits tayo sa pila sa Grand Hiring. Sabay sabay tayo mangarap uli, sabay sabay tayong lilipad uli! There is always hope and always keep in mind that there is light at the end of the tunnel. We will paint sky yellow, blue and red again! We will have our wings again! ❤️💙💛”

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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