Another prankster orders Php20k food from 10+ delivery riders using fake address

MANILA, Philippines – In September, more than 10 delivery riders fell victim to a prank by someone who ordered food to be delivered to the same address. But just a month later, another batch of 10+ delivery riders also fell victim to the same prank!

In the most recent prank, a 59-year-old housewife living at BF Resort Village in Las Piñas, Philippines, was surprised when at least 10 delivery riders arrived at their house with various food orders to be delivered to a certain Marl dela Cruz who supposedly lives at their address.

Another prankster orders Php20k food
Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

The prankster, most likely not using his/her real name, gave their address to the riders and even promised an additional tip of Php100 because he/she was unable to change the pin for the delivery location on the app.

As more riders arrived, all they could do was scratch their heads angrily at whoever pranked them all since they couldn’t find this person at all. What’s worse, the prankster ordered over Php20k worth of food from these delivery riders.

The housewife who lives at the fake address given by the prankster said that she took pity on the delivery riders who are all working hard and sacrificing their lives amid the pandemic to earn money for their family.

She wanted to help them all but could not also pay for all the food the prankster ordered. After all, Php20k is such a big amount for one household to pay for the fake orders, even if they took pity on the delivery riders who fell victim to this cruel prankster.

Another prankster orders Php20k food
Photo credit: ABS-CBN News

As of press time, the prankster remains unknown but many are hoping that he/she will be apprehended soon so that no more riders will be victimized again. It is also unsure whether the culprit is the same person who did the previous prank since that was attributed to a certain “AJ Pande” but could still be done by the same person or a copycat.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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