Super Tekla accused of maltreatment, neglect by live-in partner

    MANILA, Philippines – Super Tekla is under fire after his live-in partner complained him of maltreatment and neglect.

    Super Tekla accused of maltreatment, neglect by live-in partner

    Michelle Lhor Bana-ag appeared on Raffy Tulfo's show to complain against the TV host-comedian. Super Tekla, whose real name is Romeo Librada is accused of abusing his partner and neglecting their child. According to Michelle, Tekla would force her into doing it even though she was sick.

    Michelle said, "Masama po ang pakiramdam ko. Kada hapon po nilalagnat ako. Sumasama po ang pakiramdam ko. Ang bigat po ng ulo ko."

    “Hindi n’ya po maintindihan. Hindi n’ya po marespeto ‘yong ganu’ng ano ko po (kundisyon),” she added.

    She also revealed that Tekla asked her to take injectable contraceptive because he couldn't stop himself. Michelle said, “Kasi pina-injection-an n’ya po ako ng family planning kasi hindi n’ya po mapigilan ang sarili n’ya. Gusto n’ya po ako galawin, para daw po safety."

    “Ngayon po, ang epekto, sumama po pakiramdam ko. Nilalagnat po ako kapag hapon. Pero gusto n’ya pa rin pong ganu’n, gawin po ‘yong ganu’n,” she added.

    Michelle claimed that whenever she would reject Tekla's advances, he would decide not to give her money for food.

    "Mumurahin n’ya po ako. Hindi na po s’ya kikibo. Hindi po s’ya bibili ng pagkain kahit nagugutom na ‘yong mga pamangkin ko na nandito,” Michelle said while in tears.

    “Nagmamakaawa na ako sa kanya bumili na s’ya ng pagkain. Tapos, sasabihin n’ya, ‘A, bakit? Di ba ayaw mo?’ Ganito, ganyan. Tapos aalis s’ya," she added.

    Michelle even showed a video of her and Tekla in a heated argument.

    Michelle went on to share more sensitive details of the abuse she had to endure while in a relationship with the comedian.

    — Sally, The Summit Express
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