Adorable grandma goes viral after joining grandson's online class

MANILA, Philippines – An adorable grandma goes viral after temporarily joining her grandson’s online class while he is on CR break. The cute photo received positive reactions on social media, particularly because the older generations don’t always welcome new technology…
Adorable grandma goes viral after joining grandson's online class

Netizen Ohne Miguel Yumang from Tanauan, Batangas, Philippines shared a photo of his grandma who seemed to be enjoying his online class while he took a break. He studies at Nova Schola Tanauan.

On Facebook, Yumang narrated that he asked his grandma, Nanay Rufina Castillo, to sit in for a bit and listen to what his teacher might say or instruct because this particular online class is for a major subject. He had to take a toilet break but did not want to miss a crucial part of the lesson.

Since his grandma was nearby, he asked her to do it for him. Thankfully, his grandma did not mind sitting in for him, only telling him to hurry with his business so he can quickly go back to his lesson.

Adorable grandma goes viral after joining grandson's online class
Photo credit: Ohne Miguel Yuman / Facebook

When he was done with his toilet break, however, Yumang found his grandma actually enjoying the lesson! She could be seen smiling to whatever the teacher was saying. On the screen, it was easy to see that the lesson might be something that this adorable grandma might be interested in: “Welcome to Cookery Class”.

Seeing how adorable his grandma looked as she watched the lesson, Yumang quickly snapped a photo before she noticed him standing there and watching her.

Just like Yumang, netizens also found the photo adorable! His post received over 59k reactions and more than 22k shares. A lot of netizens also commented that it is sweet of Nanay Rufina to attend the class for her grandson.

“Priceless po at sobrang nagulat. Natuwa siya kasi marami raw pong nag-share at nag-comment ng pampa-good vibes po,” Yumang said after the post went viral.

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