NTC recalls frequencies, channels assigned to ABS-CBN

MANILA, Philippines – The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has ordered the recall of all frequencies and channels assigned to network giant ABS-CBN, as its legislative franchise was pushed into a deadlock.

In a seven-page decision by the NTC on Thursday, it said that in the absence of a legislative franchise, "the recall of the frequencies assigned to respondent is warranted."

"The denial of respondent's franchise renewal application by Congress, coupled with the denial of respondent's petition by the Supreme Court, lead to no other conclusion except that respondent had already lost the privilege of installing, operating, and maintaining radio broadcasting stations in the country," the NTC order said.

The frequency recall covered ABS-CBN's free television and radio broadcast nationwide, including the popular Channel 2 and Channel 23, AM radio DZMM and FM radio DWRR (MOR 101.9).

NTC recalls frequencies, channels assigned to ABS-CBN

NTC recalls frequencies, channels assigned to ABS-CBN

ABS-CBN's franchise expired in May 4. The network stopped broadcasting on May 5 following a cease and desist order from the NTC.

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On July 10, the House of Representatives decided not to give ABS-CBN a chance to return on airwaves. The controversial denial of franchise was “highly politicized" according to Fitch Solutions, the research arm of debt watcher Fitch Ratings.

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