Grandpa builds study area on tree for granddaughter’s online school

MANILA, Philippines – A 72-year-old grandpa built an improvised study area on a tree for his granddaughter to attend online school. The grandpa went viral for showing love to his granddaughter – and the young woman also earned praise for her determination to learn, despite the circumstances.

Jennylyn Mae Casipit is a 17-year-old Grade 12 student from Brgy. Guiwanon, Guimaras. Just like many other senior HS students, she needs to attend online classes this school year. Because the cellular signal is very poor at their area, she actually had to climb a tree to get better reception!

Knowing how uncomfortable and unsafe it would be for Jennylyn to be hanging on to a branch on that tree while she studies, Lolo Florentino “Tino” Bernadas decided to build her a makeshift study area up that tree.

Though he is 72 years old, this grandpa is still strong enough to climb trees and build this study area for his granddaughter.

Apparently, Jennylyn is close with her grandparents as they were the ones who raised her since she and her siblings were small kids. So, upon learning that his granddaughter is having a difficult time with her lessons but could connect to the internet up the tree, Lolo Florentino did not hesitate to build that study spot for her.

Grandpa builds study area on tree for granddaughter’s online school
Photo credit: Jennylyn Mae Casipit / Facebook

Understanding the sacrifices that her grandparents do for them, Jennylyn is determined to finish her studies so she can have a good-paying job. This would help her provide a better life for her grandparents as well as their parents who work abroad.

Grandpa builds study area on tree

Knowing that so many other students are also having a hard time with the challenges they face due to online school, Jennylyn encourages them not to lose hope. Even if they are having difficulties now, she remains positive that things will be much better soon…

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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