Voter registration for Election 2022 resumes September 1

MANILA, Philippines – The Commission on Elections (Comelec) will resume voter's registration for Election 2022 on Tuesday, September 1 nationwide.
Voter registration for Election 2022 resumes September 1

Around 4 million voters are expected to register according to Comelec Spokesperson James Jimenez.

Jimenez believes the public is already enlightened on the importance of participating the election.

"Makikita nila ngayon, 'May koneksyon pala 'yong binoboto ko doon sa nakukuha kong serbisyo.' Now more than ever, makikita nila 'yan and I think that's the motivation they need to vote," said Jimenez.

Applications for registration may be submitted from Tuesday to Saturday, 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M., at the Office of the Election Officer (OEO), pursuant to Resolution No. 10674.

"As the COMELEC reopens voter registration, we are encouraging applicants to download the application forms from," Jimenez said. However, Jimenez also reminded the public not to sign the downloaded forms.

"It is strongly recommended that downloaded forms be filled out before going to the COMELEC office for registration," Jimenez said,"but the forms should be signed only in front of the Election Officer, at the COMELEC office."

Other anti-COVID precautions will also be implemented, such as limiting the number of people to be allowed inside the COMELEC Office to ensure compliance with physical distancing requirements, requiring applicants to wear face masks and face shields, and encouraging them to bring their own pens.

Voter registration for Election 2022 resumes September 1

"Registrants will also be required to fill out a ‘Coronavirus Self-Declaration Form’ which discloses information relating to travel, contact with people with known COVID-19 infection, and symptoms being experienced," Jimenez explained.

Note: Download and fill out the self-declaration form before going to the COMELEC office. Bring your own ballpen.

"Persons exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 infection will not be allowed to enter the Office, and will be advised to seek medical assistance."

Members of vulnerable sectors, including senior citizens, persons with disabilities, and pregnant women will be provided an express lane.

In order to ensure a safe environment at all times, all COMELEC Offices nationwide will conduct daily disinfection and decontamination of their premises as well as the voter registration machine and peripherals, furniture and equipment, and other frequently touched surfaces.

Voter registration will run until September 30, 2021, in preparation for the May 2022 elections.

— The Summit Express

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