Thousands flock in Wuhan pool party

MANILA, Philippines – Thousands of people crammed together over the weekend for a pool party in Wuhan, where the coronavirus disease first emerged late last year.

Partygoers can be seen ignoring social distancing as if everyone is back to normal life.

Thousands flock in Wuhan pool party
People watch a performance as they cool off in a swimming pool in Wuhan, China. Photo Credit: AFP

They flocked in the popular Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park for an electronic music festival.

The water park was reopened in June after the 76-day lockdown in the former ground zero of the pandemic.

Local media says the park is capping 50 percent of normal capacity and offering huge discount for female visitors.

To try and boost the local economy, the Hubei government has been offering free entry to 400 tourist sites across the province.

China reported that 3,000 died in Wuhan from the airborne virus.

So far COVID-19 has killed more than 770,000 people globally with no signs of abating.

— The Summit Express

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