Riders build new home for old man living in shack

MANILA, Philippines – Riders built a new home for an old man living in a shack, ensuring that he has a better, safer place to live in. Aside from the new house, the riders also provided him with various relief goods so he could have some food for the weeks to come…

Tatay Venerando, now in his 80s, lives at Brgy. Dancalan in Bobon, Northern Samar. Having been left by his family for over 2 years now, Tatay Venerando lives in a shack beside the river by himself.

The small shack is made from discarded materials that Tatay Venerando had collected from people, but the thin posts in the house could easily break. If that happens, the roof could come crashing down on Tatay Venerando, posing a great risk.

After learning about his plight, two groups of riders decided to help out. The local Sniper Club 150i and JHS riders club donated money to buy materials for Tatay Venerando’s house, making sure that the house will be sturdy enough to keep him safe.

With their “Munting Pabahay” charity drive, the two groups of riders were able to collect enough money to buy the materials.

Photo credit: Dennis Carolino / Facebook

Then, they even built the house for Tatay Venerando, spending 8 hours to make sure the house was ready so the old man can have a better sleep that night. Though it rained, the riders did not stop working.

“For two years na siyang pinabayaan ng pamilya niya. Mga butas-butas na yung bubong tapos yung mga yero na ginamit para sa walling ay galing lang sa mga sobra-sobra yung haligi maliliit din, so possible sira agad,” shared rider Dennis Carolino.

“For eight hours, dapat continue matapos, kasi that time umulan po tas nagpa-ulan na lang kami. Kailangan matapos kasi para may bagong bahay na si Tatay.”

Photo credit: Dennis Carolino / Facebook

After the house was completed, the riders also gave Tatay Venerando some rice, canned goods, noodles, fruits, snack items, and other relief goods so he can have some food in the coming days. Thanks to these riders, Tatay Venerando has a better home and some food to eat even if his family had left him a long time ago…

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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