Wife receives sweet surprise from husband who died 10 months ago

MANILA, Philippines – She lost her husband over 10 months ago, but one wife received a special anniversary surprise from her late husband. However, it put a scare on their daughter who received a mysterious email from her late dad some days before the big day!

Alyssa Mendoza narrated that when she received an email from her late dad’s account, she was scared. Who wouldn’t be, anyway? The guy had been dead for over 10 months!

It took her 2 days to summon the courage to open the email. But when she did, she couldn’t help but cry because she knows for sure that it is her dad who wrote the email before he died, scheduling it for sending some days before their wedding anniversary.

The late Bing Mendoza and his wife would have celebrated their 25th anniversary on June 10, 2020. Even in his last days, he still thought of how to surprise his wife on their anniversary! He’s unsure whether he would still be alive by then, but just in case his condition will worsen or he would be gone, he wanted to make sure that his wife would know just how much he loves her.

Wife receives special anniversary surprise from late husband
Photo credit: Alyssa Mendoza / Facebook

So, he wrote an email with detailed instructions for his daughter, Alyssa, to follow. In the email, he instructed her to contact a florist whom he had already paid for flowers, not just for this year’s anniversary and other special events but also for the years to come.

“Apparently before my dad passed away 10 months ago, he planned everything, he even contacted and paid for a florist to deliver flowers to my mom for the coming years on every special occasion, my mom’s birthday (August 19,) Valentine’s Day, and their anniversary (June 10),” Alyssa explained.

Her late dad also sent her instructions on taking her mom (and possibly including him) on a date at a restaurant. She should make her mom pick the food, even if her mom would tell her to order anything she wanted. Her late dad certainly knows his wife too well.

He even left instructions for Alyssa to ask him for money so she could bring her mom to a salon. Alyssa also has to make sure that she decorates their place for the surprise, because her dad explained that her mom loves taking photos. He wanted to make sure the place would look good so his wife could take great photos.

Wife receives special anniversary surprise from late husband
Photo credit: Alyssa Mendoza / Facebook

Alyssa made sure to follow her dad’s instructions from the mysterious email. Her mom was really surprised upon waking up.

“Even though I lack sleep, the joy I saw in my mom's face made everything worth it. Of course my mom cried because she misses the love of her life but I could see how happy everything made her because she knew that everything was planned by my dad,” Alyssa shared.

“Happy 25th silver wedding anniversary Mamu and Baba! I love you both forever and always.”

Posted by Aly Mendoza on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The sweet surprise touched many netizens’ hearts. Many also cried as they watched the video, sharing the family’s grief and empathizing with the woman’s bittersweet anniversary from her late husband…

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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