How Team Kramer lowers Meralco bill from Php 79K to just 29K

MANILA, Philippines – Team Kramer expresses shock over their Php79k Meralco bill; netizens quickly shared similar experiences, saying they also experienced a similar thing though not as high as the celebrity family’s bill.

Team Kramer expresses shock over Php79k Meralco bill

The family of Doug and Chesca Kramer, also known as ‘Team Kramer’, lives in a multi-story home in Antipolo, Rizal that comes with its own swimming pool, homeschooling classroom, playground, home theater, industrial-like ‘dirty’ kitchen, grand dining room and a smaller breakfast room, and so many impressive rooms.

It is easy to say that the Team Kramer home is everyone’s idea of a dream house! Quite amazingly, the house even comes with a gold elevator – just because Doug’s mom loves gold and the couple also wanted to ensure that any level of their house can be easily accessed by their visitors.

All the rooms are provided with air conditioning units, including common areas such as the living room and dining areas. While Doug made sure to pick LEDs to illuminate the home. He also installed inverter-type air conditioning units and refrigerators for more efficient appliances.

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According to Doug, their new house is about twice as big as their previous home. Thus, they already expected that the electricity bill would be around twice, too. But the couple was shocked when the bill arrived and it amounted to Php79,000!

“The first electric bill which made me sit down and have cold sweat was Php79,000. So, I knew I needed to invest in something that would save me from my Meralco bills and what better way to do that than solar panels. Here’s a fun fact, ever since we installed our panel, we save Php30,000 on average every month,” Doug said.

With the help of a solar panel company, the family was able to reduce their monthly bill by choosing a 16Kwp grid tie solar + net metering system. Their latest bill just amounted to Php29,000 – that’s certainly quite low, compared with the Php79,000 they first received!

Check out their story here:

Our first electric bill! 😳😭
One of our biggest surprises when we moved to our house was when we saw our first electric bill!

It was nice that I got energy saving appliances, but I had to take it to another level to make sure we don't spend over board on our electric consumption.

So happy that we came across Solaric Philippines to help us assess our daytime consumption and give us the best available price for the budget for Solar Panels. We chose to have a 16Kwp grid tie solar + net metering!

Here's a fun fact, ever since we installed our panels, we save P30,000 on average every month! And another fact, our bill at our old home is even bigger than what we spend here. That's solar panels for you! That's #SolaricPh! And that's our way of also helping the environment! It's an investment thats reaping benefits every month!

Next target is a zero bill! 🙏❤️

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Posted by Team Kramer on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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