5 best things to do to financially survive COVID-19 pandemic

MANILA, Philippines – It’s been more than 3 months since COVID-19 pandemic hit everyone. Businesses had closed and left thousands of people jobless and even worst, penny-less.
5 best things to do to financially survive COVID-19 pandemic

If you’re one of those who have been badly affected by the outbreak, these 5 things might help you survive financially.

5. Save electricity

Surprise, surprise. Your electricity bill has finally arrived. Guess what, the amount is truly shocking. It tripled the amount that you’re usually paying on a monthly basis.

Ah, the electric company must have miscomputed my electric consumption. You might say. Not quite actually.

All family members have been home-quarantined for over 3 months and obviously, each and every member has a gadget or appliance on-hand almost 24/7 to kill the boredom. Plus the scorching warm weather, air conditioners and fans are turned on longer than the normal. Both of these are the major factors in the electricity bill spike.

Yes, turning off some appliances, unplugging them while not in use will definitely help lower the electricity bill.

4. Cook food at home

Food delivery companies’ revenue for sure have surged since the lockdown started. Yes it’s fun to order food via various mobile apps! But the thing is, it costs way heftier than cooking food at home.

If you have zero cooking skills, you can always seek help from all the food industry’s greatest chefs and cooks via YouTube. From pizza to milktea, name it you can cook almost everything at home. To add, you have all the time in the world to forge your kitchen skills.

3. Stop buying unnecessary things

“Bounce back sale”. Sounds enticing right? Yes, indeed because the best marketing executives in the country have coined it in order for you to spend.

Being stuck at home for over hundred days is really boring but that’s not an excuse to buy different things that you won’t need when the pandemic is all over.

Aside from losing a lot of money in online shopping, these things will eat a lot of space at home.

2. Do a side hustle

This is a great time to start a small business. Haven’t you noticed, all of your friends are now selling food online using their family heirloom recipes?

Most of the people don’t want to go out in fear of getting positive with COVID-19. So, maximize this opportunity to sell a viand or merienda in your neighborhood. It will give you a good profit if planned and executed correctly.


If you’re not into food, you can do a “pasabuy” service. You can charge as low as Php 50 per transaction. All you need is a bicycle or motorcycle and protective equipment to keep yourself from accident and even contracting the killer virus.

1. Stay at home

The most underrated way of saving money. Being at home means you’re distancing yourself from the crowd and the chance of getting affected by COVID-19 is miniscule if not zero.

COVID-19 patients get double-whammied right from the very start. They suffer a lot physically and at the same time, their entire savings get drained due to hospital bills and medication.

It costs a patient a little less than Php 100,000 to over a million for the entire COVID-19 treatment. Some patients succumb to the deadly virus and leave their family with nothing because of the hospital and funeral bills.

To avoid this mishap, it is better to stay at home. It’s always better safe than sorry.

— Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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