LIST: 5 business ideas and jobs to earn money while in COVID

    MANILA, Philippines – A lot of people lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 crisis. Some lost theirs temporarily while many have been permanently laid off as their bosses feared they could not sustain paying them while the business/company is not earning money.
    5 business ideas and jobs to earn money while in COVID

    But there are still those who managed to earn money while in COVID. Here are 5 business ideas and jobs that still earned money even with the on-going COVID-19 crisis in the country:

    1. Blogging/vlogging and content writing

    Content creation is booming these days, whether blogging or vlogging, because a lot of people are at home and have plenty of time in their hands. They spend hours just browsing through the internet for interesting content.

    Blogging/Vlogging and content writing

    While blogging/vlogging might earn much less these days compared to the previous months because many advertisers have also pulled out, this is still a good way to earn money. And if you’re a newbie blogger/vlogger, this is a good time to grow your followers because there are so many bored people out there.

    2. Delivery riders

    With people stuck at home, unable to go out to enjoy their favorite restaurants and hangouts or buy things they need. This has become a good time for delivery riders as they have become busy with orders, particularly because ‘dine-in’ is still not allowed in most restaurants.

    Delivery riders

    Many customers opted to simply shop for food and other items via apps, for delivery at their doorsteps.

    3. Food business

    Aside from the riders, new food businesses have sprouted online, offering door-to-door delivery. However, the new businesses aren’t as well received as the well-known names, particularly because it is easier for customers to simply order food through apps. This is also a safer option for parties involved, particularly because customers are assured of food quality and safety.

    Still, many start-up food businesses are earning good money because there are a number of people who prefer ordering food than preparing their own. Just make sure you offer delivery service and obtain the necessary permit so you can still bring this food to your customers without getting apprehended at the checkpoint.

    4. Online Jobs like Upwork, Online Teaching

    COVID-19 forced people to stay at home and work from home! But many have already been doing this even before the pandemic. Still, during times like this when people are not allowed to go out and be at their offices, online jobs such as those you find on Upwork or online teaching or various freelance options are a good find.

    If you’re still starting out, make sure to build your portfolio and learn the ropes so you can find your first client in no time.

    5. Online Grocery Stores

    Since many people don’t have their own transportation and most public transport options were suspended, grocery stores had to adapt to this change. There were many that offered online shopping, hurriedly building online shops with online payment options to let customers shops from the comforts of their home.

    Online Grocery Stores app

    Other enterprising individuals and groups also worked with the same concept, partnering with grocery stores and shops as third-party provider to connect them with customers. They also build online shops where customers can ‘add to cart’ all the items needed. Then, these providers shop for the items at partner grocery stores and delivering the goods to their customers.

    — Joy Adalia, The Summit Express
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