PRC online application for board exam 2020: LERIS step-by-step guide

    MANILA, Philippines – Looking for step-by-step guide on online application for Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) board exam this 2020? All takers are advised to use Licensure Examination and Registration Information System (LERIS) for convenience and to expedite the process.

    PRC online application for board exam 2020

    The online application system is for various PRC licensure examinations with requirements to be submitted upon processing/issuance of Notice of Admission.

    Here's the online step-by-step manual with pictures for easy reference:

    A. Access the LERIS here: https://online.prc.gov.ph/, https://online1.prc.gov.ph/ or https://online2.prc.gov.ph/.

    B. Register or sign-in using your e-mail address.

    a. If you don't have account yet on LERIS

    1. Read the terms of service and conditions
    2. Click the "I Agree" button

    b. For those WITH ACCOUNT,

    3. Click the tab and sign-in.

    LERIS Register or sign-in using your e-mail address

    C. Registration of account for first-time user - input below details to register:

    1. Input First Name
    2. Input Middle Name
    3. Input Last Name
    4. Input Suffix (leave blank if none)
    5. Select Gender
    6. Input Civil Status
    7. Input Birth date
    8. Input E-mail address
    9. Input desired password (Password must be at least 6 characters and composed of letters, numbers and special characters)

    LERIS Register or sign-in using your e-mail address

    D. Once registered, a prompt will say you can now sign-in to your account.

    1. Input Username (e-mail address)
    2. Input Password
    3. Click to login

    LERIS log-in

    NOTE: PRC warns applicants and Professionals against fixers who offer services to transact with PRC in their behalf by obtaining personal information, including username and password.

    E. Fill-out your personal information

    1. Select Citizenship
    2. Select Birthplace
    3. Select answer to prompt
    4. Input address
    5. Select Town/City, Province
    6. Input Mobile number
    7. Input Telephone number
    8. Input Alternate E-mail address (If there is any)

    A. Input Father’s full name
    B. Select Father’s Citizenship
    C. Input Mother’s full name
    D. Select Mother’s Citizenship

    Fill up form LERIS

    F. Fill-out personal information (continuation)

    1. Select School attended
    2. Select Course taken
    3. Input Date of Graduation
    4. Answer the prompt (Then input the necessary info)
    5. Input Valid ID number
    6. Input place where ID was issued
    7. Input Issuance date of ID
    8. Answer the prompt
    9. Select option concerning notifications

    A. Click to save information (Click the next button to confirm saving of information)

    B. Since your purpose is for online application for board exam, just leave the box uncheck.

    Fill up form LERIS information

    Note: The system will alert once there's a missing information or blank field. Those with asterisk are mandatory fields. Scan from Personal Information page. Corresponding box with missing info will turn border into red.

    G. After you hit Save Information button, a Confirmation box will appear. Click Yes to proceed.

    Note: You can still go back to edit your personal information.

    H. Uploading of photo

    1. Click the camera button to proceed
    2. Read the photo requirements
    3. Read the guidelines
    4. Click to upload photo
    5. Click to choose photo to upload
    6. Click to zoom in or out the photo
    7. Click to confirm uploading of photo

    uploading photo online application PRC

    To avoid delay or disapproval, follow the following guidelines:

    1. The photo must be 2x2 in size in plain white background.
    2. The photos must be taken no more than 6 months prior to uploading.
    3. The applicant must wear decent attire with collar.

    NOTE: Application will NOT be processed if

    1. Photo does not resemble applicant
    2. Applicant wears eyeglasses
    3. Background is not plain white
    4. Photo has shadows
    5. Ears are covered

    I. Selecting transaction for application of exam

    1. Click the blue box at right corner to select transaction
    2. Select Examination Tab
    3. Select Name of Examination
    4. Select Examination Type
    5. Select Date of Examination
    6. Select Place of Examination
    7. Click to confirm selection

    Select transaction LERIS

    J. Setting appointment and selecting payment option

    1. Select PRC Regional Office or Service Center
    2. Click to Proceed

    PRC Setting appointment and selecting payment option

    Select payment option

    Payment options are the following: PRC Cashier, Land Bank, GCash, PayMaya, BancNet, UCPB and any Debit or Credit Card account.

    payment option PRC

    Note: If you select PRC-Cashier then you have to pay at the selected appointment place.

    To select new appointment schedule

    A. Click RESCHEDULE? tab
    B. Select new appointment date
    C. Input reason for selecting new appointment date
    D. Click to confirm new appointment or cancel selection

    K. Processing transaction

    Payment via Land Bank

    1. Click Submit to proceed
    2. Select Payment Option
    3. Click to submit selection
    4. Click to agree to Terms and Conditions
    5. Input account number
    6. Input PIN number
    7. Click to submit
    8. Click to confirm

    Payment via Land Bank

    If you are going to pay thru PRC Cashier

    1. Click Submit button to proceed
    2. Write down your reference number, take a picture or print the page containing your reference number
    3. Pay thru the PRC Cashier at your selected appointment place

    pay thru PRC Cashier

    Payment via UCPB Over the Counter

    1. Click the Submit button to proceed
    2. Write down your reference number, take a picture or print the page containing your reference number
    3. Pay at your preferred UCPB Branch

    Payment via UCPB Over the Counter

    Payment via PayMaya

    1. Click Submit button to proceed
    2. Input your mobile number or email address
    3. Input your password
    4. Click to login
    5. Pay using your PayMaya wallet

    Payment via PayMaya

    Payment via any Debit or Credit Card

    1. Click Submit button to proceed
    2. Input your card details

    Then, click the Pay Now button to proceed.

    Payment via any Debit or Credit Card

    L. Printing of document

    1. Click to see Existing Transactions
    2. Click to see Payment Details
    3. Click to Print document
    4. Click to start printing

    Printing of document PRC online application

    Proceed to the PRC Regional Office or Service Center you chose at the given appointment date to submit all required documents.

    Here's list of documents or requirements per examination type:

    Concerns and clarifications

    For technical concerns, you may email at prc.helpdesk2@gmail.com.

    For payment concerns, kindly email at customercare@mail.landbank.com or call at 405-7000.

    You may also express your thoughts and inquiries through our comment section below.

    NOTE: Straightforward guide and photos above are courtesy of PRC.

    — The Summit Express
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