Popular female cosplayer admits to actually being male

MANILA, Philippines – A popular female cosplayer with thousands of followers recently admitted to actually being male. Netizens were definitely shocked at the big reveal, especially because they had been following the cosplayer for many years and never suspected a thing!
CROME cosplayer weibo man

CROME has nearly 130k followers on Weibo, China’s most popular social media app. People loved the beautiful pictures of the cosplayer on the site; thus, they were completely shocked when CROME revealed that she is actually male.

CROME cosplayer weibo man

In 2007, CROME worked as an art teacher but developed a liking for female clothes and began to wear them in secret. But it wasn’t until 2012 that he became quite comfortable about wearing female clothes out in public. He had also experimented with makeup and improved his craft.

“At that time, I was already working and living by myself, so I was able to buy things like makeup and accessories from my salary. That year I built up the courage to attend by first cosplay event. There was this female anime character I really liked, and I just wanted to try to cosplay as her. That was it!” CROME admitted.

From then on, he started posting photos as a female cosplayer on Weibo. As one of China’s most popular female cosplayers, CROME was often invited to all-female cosplayer events. No one suspected that he’s actually male – he’s that good at putting makeup on!

CROME cosplayer weibo man

Many were curious whether he’s had surgeries and cosmetic enhancements, particularly on his breasts to truly look female, but CROME claims he has not done that. In fact, when he’s at home and doing ordinary things like going to the mall to buy groceries, he dresses up in simple male clothes and doesn’t bother trying to look female because he says that’s ‘very hard work’.

On ordinary days, CROME says he’s too lazy and settles for being a real man.

CROME cosplayer weibo man

“Becoming a female anime heroine involves a lot of work, including skin care, makeup, costumes and attention to the most minute details,” he explained.

Photo credits: CROME / Weibo

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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