Prayers pour in for 26-year-old doctor fighting for her life due to COVID-19

MANILA, Philippines – Prayers pour in for a 26-year-old doctor who is fighting for her life due to COVID-19, with everyone rallying in hopes that she would make it through despite the difficult situation she is in. The young doctor was identified as Carmina Fuentabella, a resident physician at University of Santo Tomas (UST).
Prayers pour in for 26-year-old doctor fighting COVID-19

In a post on Facebook, Dr. Richard Mata asks his friends and followers to pray for the young doctor.

Prayers pour in for 26-year-old doctor fighting COVID-19
Photo credit: Carmina Fuentabella / Facebook

“Pagdasal po natin. At least just say, “Jesus please heal Doctora , we need her.”

Urgent need for prayer warriors to offer prayers of healing to one of our frontliners - Dr. Carmina Fuentebella, 26 years old, UST resident doctor who is now intubated and in critical condition.”

The post went viral, with an outpouring of prayers and support from the community who are hailing Dr. Carmina a hero in his battle against the deadly virus.

As prayers pour in for Dr. Carmina on Dr. Richard’s post, another post would also go viral.

Rj Palad, who said he is Dr. Carmina’s cousin, is also seeking prayers for the young doctor. He promised Dr. Carmina that he would take charge of the lechon and chicharon, most likely for the party they would throw when she comes out of the hospital.

Prayers pour in for 26-year-old doctor fighting COVID-19
Photo credit: Rj Palad / Facebook

He wrote on Facebook:

“Hey cuz Carmina Fuentebella!

You are a blessing to everyone around you! Keep on fighting! The whole family and so many friends are praying for you.

Si Kuya na bahala sa lechon and chicharon soon. OKs?

Friends, if it's not too much to ask, kindly Include my cousin in your prayers.”

Many netizens who didn’t even know Dr. Carmina offered their prayers for her recovery.

“Lord, please heal Dra. Carmina Fuentabella who is critically ill. Restore her good health so that she may continue serving You and her fellowmen who are also sick. You are the Divine Healer and the Greatest Physician and I believe that nothing is impossible with you,” one prayed.

“You are so young Dr. Fuentebella. We don't want to [lose you]. We need you. We pray that He will cover you with his blood and touch and save you in Jesus name. Amen,” another offered.

“Praying for the fast recovery of Dra. Fuentabella..Lord God, heal your that she may continue to be your instrument in healing others. Amen,” another netizen prayed.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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