Doctor from poor family finds success even without 4Ps, shares inspiring story

MANILA, Philippines – Erdie Fadreguilan, a cardiologist, recently shared his inspiring success story, even without the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps). It inspired many people, especially those who were not able to join the 4Ps because they did not qualify. There is still hope for people to improve their lives.
Doctor shares inspiring ‘rags to riches’ story, even without 4Ps

Many say that the 4Ps beneficiaries have it easy these days, what with the help they regularly receive from the government each month so they can send their children to school. What’s sad is that many kids still quit school despite their families being recipients of the program.

Back in the day when Dr. Fadreguilan was a kid, there was no 4Ps. Though he comes from a poor family, there was no aid from the government to send them to school. But that did not pose a problem to his hardworking parents who sold slippers at the public market to make ends meet.

Doctor shares inspiring ‘rags to riches’ story, even without 4Ps
Photo credit: Erdie Fadreguilan / Facebook

They barely saw their parents since the couple would wake up early to open their stall early or to travel to Baclaran to buy stocks, but would be home late at night as they work so hard to earn money for the family. Dr. Fadreguilan recalled that the only time they could eat together with their parents was when their busy parents were sick and had to stay at home.

Despite being poor and not having 4Ps aid, Dr. Fadreguilan narrated that they were able to make it through the rough challenges. He was even able to study at UST; however, he had to cope with dilapidated books his parents bought from Recto, previously owned by so many students before him. Yet he still managed to graduate as cum laude from BSPT batch 1991.

A Dean’s scholarship helped him continue his studies in Med School, but he had to remain as rank #1 to keep the scholarship. Since he needed money to pay for the miscellaneous fees, fare to and from school, and allowances, he decided to offer PT services. Thankfully, he found a number of clients he visited on ‘house calls’ during long breaks between his classes during weekdays. He also found many clients for the weekends and worked full time in summer.

But he managed to remain on top of the class, graduating as Magna cum laude and valedictorian of batch 1995. In his valedictory address, he made a lot of people cry as he shared his story.

Doctor shares inspiring ‘rags to riches’ story, even without 4Ps
Photo credit: Erdie Fadreguilan / Facebook

Now that he is a doctor, he has not forgotten his roots and is proud to post that he’s “Proud na mahirap na naging Duktor kahit walang 4P’s.” Amid the controversy faced by the 4Ps program in recent weeks, he shared his story to serve as inspiration to many that even without the government aid, poor people can still find success in life…

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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