Daniel Padilla goes viral for showing protective side at sister's debut

MANILA, Philippines – He might be a famous celebrity but when it comes to his family, Daniel Padilla remains a protective kuya to his younger sister Magui Ford Planas, just like everyone else.

Last Friday, February 28, Magui celebrated her 18th birthday in a grand debut party attended by many showbiz personalities who flocked to the elegantly designed Blue Leaf in Taguig City. The party was a success, but a video of ‘Kuya’ Daniel showing his protective side would quickly go viral – and netizens really loved it!

During the party, YouTuber and music newcomer Justin Vasquez serenaded Magui. The young girl was so happy to have her favorite YouTuber sing at her party, especially as he dedicated the performance to her, the debutante.

The performance got Magui so excited – and that was obvious in the video. After the song, Justin was able to meet Magui. This is when Daniel’s protective side kicked in as he watched over the two, not saying a thing but making his presence obvious to the young ones.

Yet Justin didn’t appear to realize that Daniel was standing just a few steps away as he hugged Magui several times. Daniel was smiling but it was clear that he wasn’t so happy about the one too many hugs this young man is giving his sister. It doesn’t matter that his sister appears so starstruck and happy that she finally got to meet her idol; Kuya Daniel was watching carefully.

A few moments later, Justin must have sensed Daniel’s intense glare and soon moved away. As Magui went back to her friends, Daniel gave her a firm pat on the back. It was just so sweet that this kuya is so protective of his younger sibling, no matter their celebrity status.

The video would soon make rounds on social media, gaining millions of views.

“Yung sinorpresa ka ni crush ta’s nalaman ng kuya mo,” joked the admin of KathNiel Videos, a fan page dedicated to Daniel and his reel and real-life girlfriend, Kathryn Bernardo.

The video drew laughs from netizens; though a lot of guys commented that they would do or have done the same thing to their sisters and possible suitors.

Daniel Padilla protective
Photo credit: Instagram / @supremo_dp

“Lol. I’m protective of my sisters but not that protective. That’s just rude and not very intimidating. That’s funny [though] I only look at the suitors once, then they run away. I wasn’t even mad. I even smile at them but I don’t know why they get scared lol,” a netizen commented.

“Oh so cute protective kuya..action speaks louder than words… lucky Magui,” another wrote.

“Ung mga tingin ni Kuya ha khit ako din nman s mga kapatid Kung babae hahahaha sabi nga Nila Mas nanay pa dw ako sa subrang higpit natural lng nman un sa mga panganay…” another netizen commented.

“Huy! Grabe yung titig ng Kuya Daniel. Kalma, Daniel. Fave youtuber lang yan ni Magui,” one netizen commented.

The video would soon reach Justin who quickly apologized. But Magui told him not to worry so much about it. Budding romance?

“It wasn’t my intentions to offend anybody. Sorry if that’s what came across. I’m just a simple singer/YouTuber trying to make people happy. 🙏🏼❤️,” Justin tweeted.

Magui quickly replied, “Nooo biro lang yan! HAHA 😂 it was fun, thank u again Justin! ☺️”

Watch the video here:

Here’s a fun performance of Kuya Daniel and Magui:

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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