Room assignment ONSA, reminders: March 2020 civil service exam CSE-PPT

MANILA, Philippines – (Updated March 10) The Civil Service Commission (CSC) released room assignment or Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA) and reminders for takers of the March 15, 2020 career service exam-pen and paper test (CSE-PPT) for Professional and Sub-Professional levels.

March 10, 2020 update: Civil service exam on March 15 suspended in compliance to Proclamation No. 922 signed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte declaring a State of Public Health Emergency throughout the Philippines and calling for the implementation of urgent, critical measures to contain the spread of COVID-19.

March 2, 2020 first update: Room and school assignments for NCR are out!

March 2, 2020 second update: Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA) is now available!
Room assignment ONSA, reminders: March 2020 civil service exam CSE-PPT

On February 12, CSC said that civil service exam to push through in 66 testing centers nationwide amid the threat of the novel coronavirus acute respiratory disease or COVID-19. However, CSC said that examinees who exhibit flu-like symptoms on the day of exams are advised not to take the tests.

The precautionary measure is in response to Department of Health’s (DOH) recent recommendation for the cancellation of events that draw a huge number of attendees. Examinees who wish to take the exam as scheduled on March 15 are advised to take self-protection measures prior to and on the day of the exam.

Registered examinees who will not take the CSE-PPT due to COVID-19 may be accommodated in the August 2020 career service exam schedule after due notice to the CSC regional office where they filed their applications.

According to CSC, an estimated total of 295,711 individuals nationwide registered for the March 2020 CSE-PPT. Of the figure, an estimated 253,811 will take the Professional Level of exam while an estimated 41,900 will attempt to hurdle the Subprofessional Level.

The regions with the most number of registered examinees are National Capital Region with 52,180 examinees, Region IV (Southern Tagalog) with 33,881, Region VI (Western Visayas) with 23,299, and Region IX (Zamboanga Peninsula) with 20,194.


Examinees shall be informed of their places of examination (school assignment) through the Online Notice of School Assignment (ONSA).

CSC said that ONSA shall be available via the CSC website approximately two weeks before examination day. Examinees may opt to have a print-out of their Notice of School Assignment using ONSA.

Here's how to use ONSA

1. Access ONSA at CSC website (
2. Provide Last Name, First Name and Middle Initial. Input * if there's no Middle Initial.
3. Provide these details: E-mail address, Mobile Number and Date of Birth.
4. Select the region where to take the exam.
5. Select the level - Professional or Subprofessional.
6. Hit Submit

NOTE: If examinees cannot access the ONSA and/or still do not know their school assignment one week before the examination day, they should inquire directly with the CSC Regional/Field Office concerned. A complete directory of CSC Regional/Field Offices nationwide is available at the CSC website.

Posted below is the regional head office details. You may check for field offices via CSC website - Regional Offices tab at navigation bar.

Directory and Notice of School Assignment/ONSA per Region:

NCR - No. 25 Kaliraya St., Brgy. Doña Josefa, Quezon City
  • Email:
  • Telephone Number: 740-8412 / 749-0980 / 781-5864 / 781-5886 / 741-6097
  • March 2020 CSE-PPT Room Assignment -

REGION 1 - Quezon Avenue., San Fernando City, La Union
  • Email:,
  • Telephone Number: (072) 700-5643

REGION 2 - San Gabriel, Tuguegarao, Cagayan
  • Website:
  • Email:,
  • Telephone Number: (078) 844-3605 / (078) 844-5352

REGION 3 - Diosdado Macapagal Government Center, Maimpis, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
  • Email:,,
  • Telephone Number: (045) 455-3240 to 45

REGION 4 - 139 Panay Avenue Brgy. South Triangle,Quezon City
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Telephone Number: (02) 927-1830 / (02) 920-9987 / (02) 925-6561
  • March 2020 CSE-PPT Room Assignment -

REGION 5 - Rawis, Legazpi City
  • Website:
  • Email:,,,
  • Telephone Number: (052) 482-0314 / (052) 482-0699
  • March 2020 CSE-PPT Room Assignment -

REGION 6 - No. 7 Onate St., Mandurriao, Iloilo City
  • Email:,
  • Telephone Number: (033) 321-2668 to 69

REGION 7 - Sudlon, Lahug, Cebu City
  • Email:,
  • Telephone Number: (032) 414-7676 / (032) 414-7488, (032) 253-9050

REGION 8 - Government Center, Palo, Leyte
  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Telephone Number: (053) 323-2967/ (053) 323-2857

REGION 9 - Cabatangan, Zamboanga City
  • Email:,,
  • Telephone Number: (062) 955-1643, (062) 955-2765, (062) 955-5946

REGION 10 - Vamenta Blvd. Carmen,Cagayan de Oro City
  • Email:,,
  • Telephone Number: (088) 858-7563 / (08822) 71-00-57/ (088) 858-2805 / (088) 855-0397

REGION 11 - Ecoland Drive, Matina Davao City
  • Email:,
  • Telephone Number: (082) 299-1727, (082) 299-1724 , (082) 2991725

REGION 12 - Regional Government Center, Carpenter Hill, 9506 Koronadal City
  • Email:,
  • Telephone Number: (064) 5521911 / (064) 552-1383 / (064) 552-1118
  • Mobile Number: (0918) 4453636

CAR - No. 116 Wagner Road, Military Cut-Off Baguio City
  • Website:
  • Email:,
  • Telephone Number: (074) 443-5981 / (074) 443-5982 / (074) 442-0367
  • March 2020 CSE-PPT Room Assignment -

CARAGA - Doongan Road, Butuan City
  • Email:,,
  • Mobile Number: +63923-081-8701

ARMM - BARMM ORG Compound, Cotabato City
  • Email:,
  • Telephone Number: (064) 552-0512 / (064) 552-0327 / (064) 552-1855
  • Mobile Number: 0995-5813182

  • NO I.D., NO EXAM
  • GATES OF TESTING VENUES SHALL BE CLOSED TO EXAMINEES AT EXACTLY 7:30 a.m. Examinees that arrive later than 7:30 a.m. shall NOT be admitted.
  • Bringing of cellular phones and any other gadgets, including smart phones/watches, calculators, wristwatches with calculator, books and other forms of printed materials and all other similar items, is NOT allowed.
  • Examinees are advised to bring ONLY the items listed under Things to Bring below. Also, examinees are encouraged to use transparent bags.
  • Failure to take the examination on scheduled date shall mean forfeiture of examination fee and slot. Re-scheduling of examination date is NOT allowed (except for the reminders about coronavirus).

Bring ONLY the following items on examination day:

1. I.D. card – preferably the same I.D. card presented during filing of application. If the I.D. card to be presented for admission is different from the I.D. card presented during filing of application, the examinee must present any of the following accepted I.D. cards, which is preferably valid (not expired):

1.1 Driver’s License/Temporary Driver’s License (LTO O.R. must be presented together with old Driver’s License; O.R. alone is not allowed)/Student Driver’s Permit;
1.2 Passport;
1.3 PRC License;
1.4 SSS I.D.;
1.5 GSIS I.D. (UMID);
1.6 Voter’s I.D./Voter’s Certification;
1.7 BIR/Taxpayer’s I.D. (ATM type/TIN card type with picture);
1.8 PhilHealth I.D. (must have the bearer’s name, clear picture, signature and PhilHealth number);
1.9 Company/Office I.D.;
1.10 School I.D.;
1.11 Police Clearance/Police Clearance Certificate (with picture);
1.12 Postal I.D.;
1.13 Barangay I.D.;
1.14 NBI Clearance;
1.15 Seaman’s Book;
1.16 HDMF Transaction Card;
1.17 PWD I.D.;
1.18 Solo Parent I.D.;
1.19 Senior Citizen’s I.D.;
1.20 Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACR I-CARD); and
1.21 CSC Eligibility Card (note: Implemented only beginning with the May 3, 2015 CSE-PPT).

1. The NO I.D., NO EXAMINATION Rule is strictly implemented.
2. All other I.D. cards not included in the above list shall not be accepted.
3. As a last resort, expired I.D. card may be presented for admission on examination day, provided that, the expiry date of the I.D. card is within the preceding months of the year reckoning the date of examination (or from January 1, 2020 to March 14, 2020).


3. Original of PSA (formerly NSO)/LCR issued Birth Certificate printed on Security Paper (if I.D. card has no date of birth);

4. Application Receipt with CSC Official Receipt (if available);

5. Notice of School Assignment generated thru ONSA (if available); and

6. Water, or preferred beverage (except alcoholic beverage) placed in clear/transparent container, and/or candies/biscuits, which shall be subject to inspection by the Room Examiner/Proctor.


Monitor The Summit Express for the updates and results of March 2020 CSE-PPT. You may also check the website of CSC for more information.

— The Summit Express


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