Guy expresses surprise when friend finally pays debt after 18 years

A lot of friendships are broken over money, particularly after one friend borrows from another and simply ‘forgets’ to pay the other person back. When requested to pay, the borrower often gets angry and makes the other person appear to be a bad one, leading to broken relationships.
Guy expresses surprise when friend finally pays debt after 18 years

But one guy who let his friend borrow money back in 2002 decided to simply think that he already ‘lost’ the money. He felt he should do this because he lent the money to help his friend, but his friend did not appear to have much interest in paying him back. Imagine his surprise and joy, then, when his friend finally paid him after 18 years! Wow.

Derick Khoo Yew Seng of Singapore shared the photo of the transaction receipt his friend sent him for the debt of $80 the other guy owed him back when they were still both in the National Service (NS), the mandatory military service required of all 18-year-old male Singapore citizens and permanent residents.

According to Derick, at the time they were both struggling to live using their NS paycheck, but this particular friend had it worse. During one particular emergency situation, the friend borrowed money from him, promising to pay as soon as he could. But this proved to be a promise he would only fulfill after 18 years.

After the mandatory period, the two parted ways – and the other changed his phone number. Derick could no longer contact him to ask for payment. Over the years, he didn’t mind that his friend did not pay and that they lost contact.

Guy expresses surprise when friend finally pays debt after 18 years
Photo credit: Derick Khoo Yew Seng / Facebook

“In these years, I met into him again outside and ask him hows life, we exchange contact and also we did mentioned about this loan matter in our messages. He said he did not forget and sure would return to me. I believe him!” Derick shared.

“A few times of promises but always never fulfill again and again when deadlines are met. He changed mobile number again. We would never know why, maybe he can’t pay the bills and telco terminate his number? We have to always keep it positive.”

With that experience, he didn’t think about asking his friend to pay him back when they reconnected on Facebook. He was no longer interested in getting the payment, knowing his friend probably didn’t have plans to pay him, anyway.

“Last night I receive a call from a number not stored in my phone. “Sir give me your bank account number leh” I ask who are you. I thought must be some scam call because why in this era still call me Sir. I was busy with friends at that point of time, so i sounded a bit inpatient. “Who are you!” Then he identify himself and told me this time he confirm will return me,” Derick wrote on Facebook.

“I believe it half heartedly as I have long ago let this debts flow… This morning, he text me with this receipt. Tears flow down from my eyes.”

Imagine his surprise and joy when his friend finally paid the debt after 18 years!

“It’s not the amount! Honestly 1 HDL meal also not enough but it may be a big amount to someone. Why I am so joyful because he finally did it and step out of that ‘always empty promises’ him. I see that my man finally wanted a change of his life!” he added.

The inspiring post would make waves online, with many netizens hoping that their friends would also think about repaying them with the money owed from a long time ago…

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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