Girl pranked by friends with tarpaulin after finally ‘moving on’ from break-up

Whether we like it or not, there are just relationships that are not meant to last forever. Almost everyone experiences going through break-ups. And while there are those who are able to easily bounce from one relationship to another, there are also those who are so deeply affected by the break-up that they have difficulties ‘moving on’ and feeling happy again.
Girl pranked by friends with tarpaulin after finally ‘moving on’ from break-up

Jeune Paulian Paran, known to her friends as Yanni, went through a rough time after breaking up with her boyfriend. Her co-workers, who had become her barkadas, would comfort her and provide advice. But they would also tease her about the break-up even as they encouraged her to move on.

Still so affected by the break-up, though, Yanni spent many months moping, crying, and just feeling so sad about life.

But her friends never gave up in trying to encourage her to move on and be happy with her life. After all, she’s still young and still has a lot of chances to find love again. Who knows if that new guy would actually be her soulmate? Besides, even if she doesn’t find someone to love soon, her friends just wanted her to be happy.

Some 5 months after the break-up, Yanni’s friends saw that she is happy again. She doesn’t mind their teasing anymore and appears to be smiling more. Happy that their friend appears to have finally moved on from that break-up, they pranked her with a tarpaulin!

“Congratulations, Yanni Paran, for successfully moving on with your past relationship. We are proud of you!” the friends wrote on the tarpaulin.

Girl pranked by friends with tarpaulin after finally ‘moving on’ from break-up
Photo credit: Cebu Daily News

Yanni didn’t know how to react at first, but greatly appreciates what her friends did.

“My ex-boyfriend and I broke up five months ago and my co-workers, who became my barkada at work, would always tease me. My co-workers are a part of my moving on stage. Even if they keep on teasing me, they also give me advices and encourage me to keep moving on, saying that everything will be okay soon,” narrated the 24-year-old Yanni who works as operations assistant in Iligan City.

“They noticed that I became a happy woman again and won’t mind them even if they teased me so hard. I can’t explain how I felt. I didn’t know if I should be crying or laughing. It was a mixed emotion. I kept the tarpaulin at my room as a remembrance.”

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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