Strange-looking lechon surprises netizens, sparks jokes

In the Philippines, special occasions often mean there’s at least one lechon (roasted pig) on the table. This is one of the most popular Pinoy dish – and everyone loves taking photos with the lechon. Many also love to eat the crispy balat (skin); the crispier, the better!

But a strange-looking lechon recently went viral after netizens felt unsure whether this is actually a roasted pig or something else. Photos of the weird lechon sparked jokes on social media, with netizens commenting that they are unsure whether they would actually try to eat that lechon if they were invited to this particular party.

Alexander Japson of Davao City shared photos of the strange lechon, joking that the priest took so long in his homily during the christening so that the family prepared lechon got so tired that it decided to sleep. LOL.

In the tarpaulin set as backdrop behind the lechon, it was apparent that the family was celebrating the christening of two kids: Jemar and Jane May. But rather than feel dismayed over the weird lechon, Alexander had a good laugh over the unique experience.

Strange-looking lechon surprises netizens, sparks jokes
Photo credit: Alexander Japson / Facebook

Some of his friends commented that the lechon looks like fish while others said it looked like it was from some alien creature. Other netizens also had a good laugh over the weird lechon, with many saying that the pig actually looked like it was having a stomachache or some other medical problem that led to it curling up into fetal position.

Some even joked that this pig probably had swine flu and was still experiencing fever when Alexander and his group decided it would be their lechon for the day. There were those who think that the lechon guys must have removed some meat from the pig that’s why it didn’t retain its usual shape, but others jokingly agreed with Alexander and said that the pig was really just tired. LOL.

Have you seen weird lechons like this one?

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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