Former ‘tapasero’ becomes a licensed professional teacher, shares inspiring story

    Coming from a family that does not believe education is important because working in the sugarcane plantation brings them money, Melvin Osabel Buracho would inspire with his story as he becomes the first in his family to graduate from college. He even passed the board exams to be a licensed professional teacher!

    Former ‘tapasero’ becomes a licensed professional teacher, shares inspiring story

    Former ‘tapasero’ becomes a licensed professional teacher, shares inspiring story
    Photo credit: Melvin Osabel Buracho / Facebook

    In a heartwarming post on Facebook, Melvin shared that his father had always discouraged him from pursuing his studies. Having only completed Grade 6, Melvin’s father told his children that there is no money in going to school. Instead, he told everyone it is best that they work in the sugarcane plantation.

    Melvin was different from the rest of his family. He wanted to go to school and believed that education is the key to success. While he worked at the plantation for three days, he would try his best to go to school on days when he could do it. Though he had to walk 3km a muddy road to school, and another 3km back home, that was never a hindrance to his love for school.

    But his father continued to slam his choices. Left in fear of their father, all his siblings quit school. Though Melvin was different from everyone, his fear of his father would eventually drive him to quit as well. By Grade 4, the 11-year-old Melvin became a full-time tapasero.

    His teachers tried their best to encourage him to go back, but he feared his father more. But after months of working under the heat of the sun, carrying heavy sacks of sugarcane on his back, the young boy went back to dreaming about going to school and having a different job.

    His father got angry with his decision, but Melvin accepted the offer of a restaurant for him to become a working student. He graduated from grade school in 2005, much to the disapproval of his father. Scholarships and various jobs helped him graduate from high school, but his father was never happy even though he’s a consistent honor student.

    What’s sad is that his father passed away just days before his recognition and graduation days. Broken and without means to support himself, he did not enroll in college. He found a job and supported his younger sister in school. For many years he worked.

    When his batchmates graduated, he felt envious. His bitterness made him realize that he has become the person he hated the most. Knowing that it is not too late, he went back to school. He went to the cemetery and cried hard as he asked forgiveness from his father, telling him about his plans to go back to school.

    “I went to the cemetery, and there I cried my heart out asking for forgiveness to my father. I promised him the things I used to promise but this time not because of hatred but of love. I told him, I will do this for mom and my siblings,” he revealed.

    Former ‘tapasero’ becomes a licensed professional teacher, shares inspiring story
    Photo credit: Melvin Osabel Buracho / Facebook

    An LGU scholarship made it possible for him to graduate from college with the course of Bachelor of Elementary Education, Major in General Education. He would later pass the board exams, with just a few points from being in the Top 10.

    While he didn’t make it to the Top 10, he is still grateful that he passed the board exams and is now a licensed professional teacher. Who would have thought that a tapasero would ever achieve that? Congratulations, Sir Melvin!

    — Joy Adalia, The Summit Express
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