Feng Shui master reveals what's in store for you in the year of the Metal Rat 2020

MANILA, Philippines – Will the year of the Metal Rat bring you good luck or misfortune? A Feng Shui master reveals her predictions and ways to counter negativities for momentous year 2020.

As we bid farewell to the year of the Pig, the Metal Rat comes as we usher in the new decade.

Feng Shui master reveals what's in store for you in the year of the Metal Rat 2020
Feng Shui master warns all animal signs to be careful with material things and temperament in 2020. Photo Credit: pngtree

Marites Allen, the only Filipina to be awarded the title of “Master of Feng Shui” by the International Feng Shui Association released her latest predictions on what's in store for each of the Chinese Zodiac signs.

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As rats are known to be mischievous creatures, the Feng Shui master warned all animal signs to be careful with their material things and temperament. The Violence and Robbery Star has flown to the Center sector in 2020.

The negative energy it brings may result to loss of material things and good reputation. There is also a higher chance of possible break-ins, trust betrayal and even lawsuits.

The lucky signs for 2020 are Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Ox, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Dragon: It will be a busy year with possible windfall in the form of cash blessings! All aspects of your life look positive and happy. There could also be risk of being robbed or mugged either in your personal or business dealings.

What to do: You need to protect yourself from illness energies by carrying the special Endurance mantra amulet. To avoid financial losses, always have your anti-robbery protection. To energize your wealth throughout the year, have a family of Dragons or Roosters near your working space.

Snake: The special stars visiting you this year bring Business, Love, and Money energies.

What to do: Make sure you have your Windfall and Heavenly luck accessories for 2020. Just be extra vigilant as the Robbery Star may also pay you a visit stealing some of your good luck! Avoid lending money to family or friends unless you don’t mind not getting paid back. You MUST have the Tree of Life with Evil eye amulet both for prosperity and protection luck!

Tiger: Welcome the victory and fulfilment star in your chart in 2020! Focus on your existing ventures instead of starting something new. Put your wellness first; this way, you can be ready for any potential challenges especially with your existing projects.

What to do: Attain your goals by keeping an image of your secret friend, the Bejewelled Prosperity Boar, or your own animal sign Tiger. You MUST have the auspicious Victory Tower amulet for overall success!

Ox: Start on a clean slate and leave mistakes and hardships in the past where they belong. This year, you have the ability to make money with ease! Stay calm and level-headed when it comes to your health and finances. A long-time friendship may soon end. Let things be. Such is life.

What to do: Display the images of your affinity triangle, the bejewelled Ox, Snake, and Rooster, to enhance your business and career luck. Wear the powerful Midas Charm to convert misfortune into good fortune.

Sheep: Your networking skills will help reel in profits from your current business! Love and career prospects are looking very good as well.

What to do: Review your investment plans and re-check your goals. Reconnect with family and old friends and make new memories with them. Boost your friendship luck even further with the Prosperity Amulet. For career and business luck, enhance the Southwest corner of your office with the images of the Dragon tortoise or Lucky Bamboo plant.

Monkey: Heavenly fortune is in your chart this 2020 especially because the Rat is your great ally! You are among those blessed with travel luck; therefore, expect plenty of travel opportunities. Promotions, getting married, starting a new family are in the cards.

What to do: Get a new auspicious bird painting in a bed of coins, and wear the shawl with tree of life to bring you more prosperity luck! Women are advised to activate the Southwest corner with Love symbols or bring them as a charm. Consider a new career, new direction, or even learning a new language!

Rooster: Everyone will seek your wisdom and support in their business. Expansions both in new technology and land property assets will bring you excellent returns. Take care not to overlook unnecessary expenses and manage your finances well. Set realistic goals to ensure success.

What to do: If you are vying for promotion or salary increase, wear the powerful Ruyi medallion to neutralize threats of politicking and jealousy. Carry the anti-robbery amulet for protection. Install the bejewelled prosperity Roosters, Dragons, and Ox at home or in the office.

Dog: Wealth luck is with you in 2020. Although some of your past investments could bring losses, generally you will still see some positive growth. Patriarchal figures engaged in business will have an easier time generating income this year. Others will find it difficult to keep pace with you at work. Rest when you are tired but do not quit.

What to do: Enhance your northwest sector with the auspicious wealth vase, water fountains or infinity figures. Your personal prosperity charm is the wealth and success medallion or keychain -- keep it close to you. Manage stress and fend off sickness with the anti-illness amulet.

Pig: There could be cash inflows coming from property and various business investments you made in the past. Some jealous people will badmouth you and will not be happy with your success.

What to do: Before the start of Chinese New Year, install wealth-enhancing features in the northwest, southeast, or southwest sectors of your home or office. Bring the lucky nine accessory and peace amulets as they will protect you from these bad vibes. Display an image of your ally, the lucky Tiger, in the northeast and your prosperity Boar in the northwest.

The Feng Shui master names the Horse, Rat, and Rabbit as the "not-so-lucky" signs as they will face several challenges in 2020.

Horse: Focus on self-care as the threat of the illness star plus the conflict between your animal sign and that of the Rat may bring you more obstacles in 2020. Your health should come first this year; work and everything else should come in second. Health is wealth!

What to do: Prioritize your health and be sure to install proper feng shui cures before the Chinese New Year begins. Always bring your Health and Longevity amulets and Anti-illness Charms to help protect your physical and mental health. Get enough rest and sleep and eat a balanced diet.

Rat: This is your year and there’s a lot to gain but it is important to be careful not to drive away financial and career blessings.

What to do: Keep your temper in check and capture good fortune by wearing Peace and Harmony accessories. Display the Triple crystal apple in the North and install bejewelled Money magnet enhancers in the center of your home or office for wealth luck. Remember to keep the peace, especially in the family.

Rabbit: The misfortune star may bring threats to your wealth potential, but travel opportunities and new relationships may still be forthcoming.

What to do: Wear the Ultimate Mantra Medallion and the 5-Element Pagoda Charm to protect you from losses and to keep your creative energies high. Pay close attention to your image and how you present yourself. Have the bejewelled Prosperity Rabbit, Sheep, and Boar to enhance family and business luck. Install a Rhino and Elephant plaque at the center of your home to avert any losses.

Feng Shui master Marites Allen reminds that these are just forecasts and it is still up to us to boost our chances for success or failure in the upcoming Year of the Rat.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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