Inside NBA: Has the Golden State Warriors dynasty finally come to an end?

MANILA, Philippines – Basketball fans are now worried about the Golden State Warriors. Not only that they’re on a losing streak, but players are going down one by one and many believe that the Dubs are now cursed.

After being NBA’s team to beat for half-a-decade, the Golden State Warriors seemed a bit lost as the 2019-2020 season commenced a couple of weeks ago.

Stephen Curry is out for at least 3 months with a broken left hand
Stephen Curry is out for at least 3 months with a broken left hand | Photo Credit:

It’s pretty odd to see the Dubs in a losing streak that started during the last season’s finals where they lost to Kawhi Leonard and the Toronto Raptors.

Letting go of the title is just one of the painful memories that the Warriors obtained recently. It is losing key players due to injuries is the most devastating thing that could happen to a team whether a powerhouse or lower-seeded.

Kevin Durant’s injury during the finals might signaled the Golden State dynasty’s end but Draymond Green was still confident that they’re still the alphas because they’ve won their very first title without KD.

Some basketball fanatics even speculate that the very reason for Durant’s departure from the Warriors is his beef with Green that extremely intensified in and out of the locker room.

Durant’s injury didn’t stop there. Woes kept on piling up for the Dubs as Klay Thompson followed KD to the sick bay as the shooting guard hurt his knee and Kevon Looney broke his shoulder on the same finals series as well.

Warriors fans claimed that the Raptors just got really lucky and if their star players didn’t hit the deck, they could’ve made it back-to-back.

During the off-season, Golden State looked so formidable again as it acquired a young gunner in D'angelo Russell that could fill-in KD’s scoring role.

Basketball aficionados said that Russell’s arrival just increased the Warrior’s chance to be in the finals again as Stephen Curry will still have a three-point shooting partner even though Klay Thompson is rehabilitating his knee and will be off the court for the entire season.

The season opened and Coach Steve Kerr was caught off guard as his team keeps on losing and his role players are getting sidelined due to various injuries.

It started with Stephen Curry as the prized player broke his left hand in a game versus the Phoenix Suns. Curry had surgery and will be out for 14-16 weeks.

Couple of days after Curry’s unfortunate incident, Draymond Green sustained a sprained index finger when they played the San Antonio Spurs.

Golden State’s misfortunes didn’t stop there, on the same day that Green injured his finger, D’Angelo Russell, the last remaining big time Warrior tweaked his ankle and will need some time to recuperate.

From the helm of the league, the Warriors are now at the bottom of the standing together with the Pelicans and Kings with synonymous record of 1-5.

Meanwhile, Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are currently Western Conference’s leaders with 4-1 slate.

It’s too early to tell if the Warriors are done for this season. But many experts believe that Steve Kerr must give his stars ample time to heal and it won’t matter if they make it to the playoffs or not. What matters most is that they prepare for the next season and come back stronger.

Speaking of next season, NBA fans started to think that Warriors are tanking to increase their chances of getting a high-caliber player in next year’s draft and that’s why they keep on losing intentionally.

It’s really tough in the West right now. The Lakers are now on a roll and the Clippers fired a warning shot at the entire league when they beat Lebron James and Anthony Davis in the opening. With these, the Warriors are obviously no in the right place.

— Joey Boy Capos, The Summit Express

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