Prescription goes viral for doctor’s beautiful penmanship

MANILA, Philippines – It has long been a well-known ‘fact’ that doctors have such a bad penmanship on the prescription that there are times when it is really hard to tell what they might have written on that important piece of paper! But a doctor recently went viral for his impressive penmanship on a prescription.
Prescription goes viral for doctor’s beautiful penmanship

Dr. Mark Tirao recently shared a prescription on his Facebook account, written in such a nice penmanship that many netizens wondered if he was even a real doctor at all. LOL.

“Dahil kaunti ang patients ngayon, ganito tayo mag-reseta 😅,” the doctor shared on his personal Facebook account.

Prescription goes viral for doctor’s beautiful penmanship
Photo credit: Mark Tiraob / Facebook

And while the prescription only contained some very common medications, what really got everyone’s attention is the impressive calligraphy skills that this doctor has. While many doctors have barely readable prescriptions, this looks so great that many think it was a wedding invitation in disguise.

The calligraphy skills of this doctor impressed netizens so much that his post would quickly go viral, gaining nearly 40k shares and over 52k reactions in over a day after it was posted.

As expected, many netizens commented that it would be great if all doctors wrote prescriptions in this manner for everyone to easily understand what they are writing. Others pointed out that you don’t need to be a pharmacist to read this prescription, while others joked that this doctor could find an extra job as wedding calligraphy writer.

Another netizen joked that this guy must really be just pretending to be a doctor or perhaps had not passed the physician board exam yet because everyone knows that only pharmacists could read any doctor’s penmanship. LOL.

“Sana lahat ng doctor ganyan sumulat, hindi yung stress kana sa gastusin, stress kapa sa pag intindi ng sulat nila,” another joked.

What do you think of this doctor’s penmanship? Definitely impressive!

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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