Team Vice Ganda shares heartwarming 'Hair Story' in Magpasikat 2019

MANILA, Philippines – The Magpasikat Week was culminated by a heartwarming performance of Team Vice Ganda.
Team Vice Ganda shares heartwarming "Hair Story" in Magpasikat 2019

The Unkabogable star along the Queens of Miss Q & A, opened his number with his rendition of Radiohead's "Creep." The crowd was surprised with the special appearance of Dawn Zulueta on their performance.

Vice impressively had quick hair and costume transformations while on stage. Singing a medley of songs, Vice owned the stage like it was her concert.


The theme of Vice's performance was about how he is a "survivor" of the criticisms he received about his looks. He showcased some of his popular looks, from the crazy to the weird costumes.

It was a celebration of Vice's unique and colorful fashion and individuality. The hurados and the rest of the madlang people were given blonde wigs to wear.

Team Vice shares heartwarming "Hair Story"
Photo Credit: Twitter/It's Showtime

Vice on harness sang Lady Gaga's "Hair." He sang, "I am my hair and I am as free as my hair."

But the highlight of the performance was when a child with alopecia, who was one of Vice's beneficiaries sang part of the song. In a touching moment, the child sang, "I'm as free as my hair."

girl with alopecia Magpasikat 2019
Photo Credit: Twitter/It's Showtime

According to Vice, the inspiration of his performance was his "hair" and how it has changed through his journey on It's Showtime. He also wanted to raise awareness on the struggles of those with alopecia.

Team Vice Ganda shows empowering and touching performance about hair and loving self
Team Vice Ganda shows empowering and touching performance about hair and loving self | Photo Credit: Twitter/It's Showtime

Hurado Rachel Arenas said how impressed she is with the performance of Vice Ganda. She said Vice has outdone himself. "Ginamit mo yung experience mo, yung broken heart mo now happy heart na to give time on issues important to you," she said.

Shirley Halili-Cruz also congratulated Vice and his team and said, "Ang galing nakakaiyak." She described Vice as a "genius and a pride of the Philippines."

Andy Alvis also didn't fall short with his praises. "Ang taas ng level ng concept, maraming surprises," he said. Andy said it was the first time he actually cried because the message was touching.

Rene Napeñas told Vice, "You're not a perfect person but you use your imperfections to reach out to the rest of the people." Tim Yap also called him, "Di lang Vice Ganda, kundi Vice Galing!"

Who's you bet to win this year's Magpasikat?

— Sally, The Summit Express

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