Honest depositor returns Php150k mistakenly deposited to her account

MANILA, Philippines – Banks could make mistakes; this is something that has affected a lot of depositors from time to time. But while there are those who lose their money due to bank error, there are also those who find themselves rich all of a sudden!
Honest depositor returns Php150k mistakenly deposited to her account

But what do you do if you suddenly find a lot of money in your bank account? There had been stories about such a thing happening to several depositors; many of them chose to splurge on luxury items and vacations before the bank even realized something was wrong.

Not everyone feels entitled to that money from the bank error, however. Recently, the mother of netizen Carl Abarquez withdrew money from her bank account but was surprised to see that she had a balance of more than Php150,000 in it!

Because she was not expecting to receive such an amount in her account, she knew that the bank must have made an error. Someone had made a deposit for Php150,000 but it got mistakenly credited to her bank account.

Knowing that this is not her money, Carl’s mom immediately went to the bank to report the mistake.

“Hindi na po namin inisip na pag interasan kasi hindi naman po amin,” Carl explained.

Honest depositor returns Php150k mistakenly deposited to her account
Photo credit: Carl Abarquez / Facebook

While the post did not indicate what bank Carl’s mom is a depositor in, she had used a BDO ATM. Of course, it is possible that she’s a depositor with another bank and had only used BDO’s facility.

Carl mentioned that after his mother went to the bank, she was assured that the money will be returned to the correct sender/owner.

Netizens got angry with BDO, however, because of the errors. Many believe that the bank should tighten up its security and have a better system to prevent such errors from happening again because there are a lot of people who are losing their money, without getting it back again.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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