Two Pinays earn $15/h just to wait in line for customers at Edmonton’s Jollibee

MANILA, Philippines – There are only a handful of Jollibee outlets in Canada; only four to be exact. With Jollibee being the most popular fastfood outlet in the Philippines and its trademark Chickenjoy fried chicken giving overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) a taste of home, it is not surprising that lines are quite long in these stores.
Two Pinays earn $15/h just to wait in line for customers at Edmonton’s Jollibee

In fact, people even have to wait hours at the Jollibee in Edmonton, just to get a taste of their favorite Jollibee food! Considering that it’s the first Jollibee in Alberta, with the others many miles away, the experience is something that’s to be expected.

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But two Filipinas are cashing in on the Jollibee craze in Edmonton as they offer people the option to enjoy their Jollibee food without having to line up for hours.

It all started out as a joke, but Maryelle Gana and Ivana Recinos are both earning $15 per hour just to wait in line for customers at the Jollibee outlet in Edmonton. What’s incredible is that several Pinoys have availed of their offer, even paying them more for the convenience and rewarding them for the brilliant idea.

Two Pinays earn $15/h just to wait in line for customers at Edmonton’s Jollibee
Photo credit: Maryelle Gana / Facebook

“I was like ... what if we advertised that we'll stand in line for people for Jollibee. Then I thought about it and this sounds like a pretty decent idea,” Gana explained.

“A lot of people have been like, 'Are you serious?' A lot of our friends really thought we were joking. But no, we're really serious.”

Both students and 19 years old, Gana and Recinos realized that they could make a quick buck by lining up for other people, considering that the queues could be as long as a couple of hours. While it’s $15 per hour for them to line up for you, you pay an extra $6 for deliveries.

“We're kind of broke, so why not just have some more pocket money,” Gana explained when asked why they came up with the business idea.

Their first customer, Deniel Pascua, was so happy that he didn’t have to line up for hours just to get his meal that he gave the two a bonus.

“I miss it a lot, it's a pretty big deal in the Philippines, but having it in Alberta, the lineups are just super crazy. I haven't had time to lineup and get everything myself. I just miss the taste of it, honestly,” Pascua explained.

But it turns out that Pascua was not the only willing to pay for someone to line up for them. The two even received orders from towns located 60 kilometers away!

With the two being students, however, their business is short-lived as they have to be back in school soon. Still, the idea is so good that it won’t be surprising if someone else would fill in for them and do this as well, several netizens believe.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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