DOLE orders probe on GMA about Eddie Garcia’s tragic accident

MANILA, Philippines – Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Secretary Silvestre Bello has instructed that a probe be done on the late Eddie Garcia's accident while taping for a TV series of GMA Network.
DOLE orders probe on GMA about Eddie Garcia’s tragic accident

Secretary Bello instructed the Occupational Safety and Health Center (OSHC) to investigate if there were violations made on rules and standards.

"Need bigyan value workplace ng workers, napakahalaga ‘yun (There's a need to give value workplace of workers, that's very important),” he said.

Under the OSH Law, employers should provide a safe and healthful workplace. Workers should be given the full protection against all hazards and dangers while at work. Employers have a responsibility to ensure their workplace is free from hazardous conditions likely to cause death, illness, or physical harm to workers.

Bello confirmed the investigation is ongoing. He said, "[It’s not] DOLE, but the Occupational Safety and Health Center, executive director Noel Binag. Ongoing na.”

The movie icon passed away at the age of 90, days after falling into a coma. Garcia tripped on cable wires and sustained cervical fracture while filming an action scene in a GMA TV series.

Rest in peace, Sir Eddie Garcia!
Rest in peace, Sir Eddie Garcia!

The Directors’ Guild of the Philippines Inc. (DGPI) has issued a statement commenting that Garcia's death is a sad reminder for networks to protect their artists.

DGPI described Garcia's death as “a sad and urgent reminder to the film and television industries that safety protocols at work and on set are of paramount importance.”

Meanwhile, GMA already released a statement that they are conducting an investigation on the tragic mishap that cost the life of their actor.

Statement reads, "it has been the Network's practice to have medical personnel and ambulance crew on standby whenever the production is executing big action scenes during taping. This has been likewise the practice of other GMA programs. Given this, we are currently investigating the absence of a medical team on the set on June 8."

"GMA Network is deeply saddened with what happened to Mr. Eddie Garcia and the management is committed to getting to the bottom of this unfortunate incident," the statement ended.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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