Child gets bitten by a rat inside a cinema in Iloilo

A concerned citizen shared how he witnessed a fellow moviegoer got bitten by rat while inside a cinema house.
Child gets bitten by a rat inside a cinema in Iloilo

Netizen Kenjie Jalagpas narrated on Facebook how a child yelped out in pain after being bitten by a rat. According to Jalagpas, they were just waiting for their movie to start when the child in front of him shouted in pain.

He wrote, "SM Cinema Iloilo! Look what happened just a few minutes bago mag start yung movie! 'Yung bata sa harap ko biglang sumigaw at may narinig kaming daga na parang naiipit. Kinagat na pala yung bata!"

Child gets bitten by a rat inside a cinema in Iloilo
Moviegoer gets bitten by a rat | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Kenjie Jalagpas

The concerned netizen went on to point out the recent "No Outside Food" policy of SM Cinemas.

Jalagpas added, "Pinagbabawalan niyo yung outside food pero yung mga peste hinahayaan nyo!? Kadiri! I hope Ok lng yung bata. Naku,lagot kayo sa parents niyan!"

Sensing that the child already had blood on his hands, a security guard was quickly called. The victim was taken and given proper medical attention.

The post quickly went viral as netizens expressed their dismay. Netizen S. Mae felt concerned for the safety of the victim and commented, "Dapat pina-injectionan yung bata mahirap na. Tapos dumugo pa. Naku, daga kaya iyan."

Child gets bitten by a rat inside a cinema in Iloilo
A rat was seen inside a SM Cinema Iloilo | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Kenjie Jalagpas

SM Iloilo management also issued a statement on the matter. They stated, "Our Emergency Response Team was immediately on site and took the customer to the nearby hospital. An investigation into the matter is ongoing."

Meanwhile, Bernard Caspe of Iloilo City Health Office reminded the public to keep their environment clean to prevent rats and other pests to live near them.

Once bitten by a rat, Caspe advised to wash the wound with soap and visit the nearest health center or hospital to get a shot of anti-tetanus and antibiotic.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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