VIDEO: Massive wildfires spread in parts of South Korea, thousands evacuated

Several areas in the mountainous areas of South Korea are ablaze after a massive wildfire broke out on Thursday evening, April 4.
Massive wildfires spread in parts of South Korea, thousands evacuated

Firefighters are still trying to contain the massive forest fire that started in eastern Gangwon Province and continued to spread to the neighboring cities of Sokcho and Gangneung. The fires had burned about 525 hectares (1,297 acres) and some 198 homes, warehouses and other buildings by early Friday, the South Korean government confirmed.

The forest fire had resulted to the evacuation of about 2,263 citizens to gymnasiums and schools by early Friday. One death has been reported due to fire while another death was due to a falling object.

According to Choi Jin-ho, a fire captain at Gangwon Fire Headquarters, the fire was caused by a spark in an electrical transformer near a resort in the town of Goseong and quickly spread to the nearby mountains. The province of Gangwon hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics and governed the Olympic host city of Pyeongchang. It is estimated to be about 210 kilometers (130 miles) northeast of the South Korea’s capital city, Seoul.

South Korea’s National Fire Agency has deployed some 872 fire trucks and 3,251 firefighters from all over the country to help extinguish the fire. Their Ministry of Defense has also deployed about 16,500 soldiers, 32 military helicopters and 26 military fire trucks to assist and to provide meals for 6,800 people.

On social media, prayers and well wishes for South Korea quickly became viral. The hashtag #PrayforKorea trended on Twitter as netizens shared photos of the raging fire.

Netizen @littlechiminie shared a video clip of the devastation the fire has caused so far.

Netizen @aseuteurocky shared photos of the fire and shared his prayers.

Netizen @LoushNCT also shared her shock on the incident.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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