Told to choose TESDA due to poverty, son of kasambahay and tanod graduates cum laude

He was told to quit dreaming and just find a job or choose a vocational course through TESDA, but a young man followed his dreams and recently inspired netizens after graduating cum laude from a Bachelor’s Degree in college.
son of kasambahay and tanod graduates cum laude

Jhonrick Art Catindoy Orense heard a lot of discouraging words from many people, even from his parents because they knew they were too poor to send him to school. With his dad being a barangay tanod (village watchman) and his mother being a kasambahay (housemaid), the family’s meager income could not send the kids to college.

“Nak, mag-TESDA ka na lang.”
“Magtrabaho kana lang muna.”
“Wala pa tayong pera.”

But just like many poor students in the Philippines, Jhonrick had always dreamed of graduating from college and earning a degree so that he could have a good job to bring his family out of poverty.


Against his parents’ advice, Jhonrick pursued a college degree. He enrolled in Bachelor of Arts in Journalism. It was not that he was openly defying his parents; it’s just that he knows they would have supported his education all the way but knew they were too poor to send him to college.

son of kasambahay and tanod graduates cum laude
Photo credit: Jhonrick Art Catindoy Orense / Facebook

Determined to graduate, Jhonrick did his best in his studies. As he graduates from college, he shared his achievements in school as an inspiration to others.

Throughout his college life, he was active in academic and extra-curricular activities. He became the Editor-in-Chief of The Phoenix Publication, the Editor of The Phoenix Newsletter, and the President of the Fourth Estate Club. He was also a Mister Intramurals 2018 Finalist, Ginoong Kalikasan 2018 2nd Runner Up, and the DMP Mister Ultimate Diamond Ambassador Royal Court Season 11.

“This is not to boast my achievements. Rather, I am posting this to inspire and motivate everyone who think they can't. Always think that financial constraints is not an excuse. Just like you. I am an ordinary person but I chose to do things extraordinary. A friendly reminder that poverty is never a hindrance to success and anything you aspire and dream of will always be possible with faith,” Jhonrick ended his post.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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