Street vendor's son from Tondo tops PNPA Class 2019

MANILA, Philippines – A street vendor's son from Tondo is set to achieve the top honors in the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) Class of 2019.
Jervis Allen Ramos tops PNPA 2019

Cadet Jervis Allen Ramos grew up in one of Metro Manila's poorest district in Tondo. His mother had to raise him and two more siblings after their father died of a liver disease.

Jervis Allen Ramos tops PNPA 2019
Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Jervis Allen Ramos

Cramped up in a small house with a tiny kitchen and bathroom, Ramos dreamed of fulfilling his father's dream. He shared, “When I was young, he (encouraged) me to join the police. Maybe he wanted to pass on his dream to me.”

Life maybe hard in Tondo but it didn't damper Ramos’ dream. His mother, Priscila, sold spaghetti or pancit palabok on the streets for a living. Vice and crimes were on their streets.

But the determined student, didn't waver. Ramos studied criminology at the Universidad de Manila. He not only passed but also ranked third in the Criminologist Board Exam in October 2014.

At the PNPA, Ramos went on reading a lot of forensic books. He also held on to a dream for his family, “I would really like to buy (my mother) a house,” Ramos said. He also wanted to travel and see the beautiful spots in the country.

Fulfilling his father's dream and his own success, Ramos is set to graduate on March 22 in Silang, Cavite. He will be awarded the top graduate of Sansiklab Class, or the Sandigan ng Mamamayan na may Sigasig na Itaguyod ang Kapayapaan at Ipaglaban ang Bayan.

Ramos said that he hopes to set a good example in the PNP. He said that by setting the right character and doing public service will earn the public's trust to authorities.

Here's the list of cadets who will receive the plaque of merits:

1. Cdt Jervis Allen Musni Ramos
2. Cdtte Merriefin Longcob Carisusa
3. Cdtte Mary Grace Mag-usara Pabilario
4. Cdt Ferdinand Mark Haguiling Lagchana
5. Cdt Christian Cuario Albus
6. Cdtte Janila Andrea Malejana Garan
7. Cdtte Ciara Ley Lustre Capule
8. Cdtte Mary Ann Balbuena De Los Santos
9. Cdtte Anna May Padroncillo Mangabo
10. Cdt Salvador Formanes Pidlaoan

— Sally, The Summit Express

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