Guy’s unique weight loss trick: dance games at the arcade

Losing weight is a struggle that many people have to deal with constantly. There are times when it really is difficult to find motivation to shed off those extra pounds, leading many people to feel that there’s nothing they can do about their situation.
Guy’s unique weight loss trick: dance games at the arcade

Couple that with the fact that the journey to losing weight is really not fun at all, it’s really no wonder why a lot of people are stuck at being overweight. Aside from finding the right motivation to lose weight, others have realized that making their weight-loss journey fun is already motivation in itself!

Take for example 29-year-old Roberto Redoble, a Filipino-American now based in San Diego, California.

Guy’s unique weight loss trick: dance games at the arcade
Photo credit: Roberto Redoble / Instagram - @mrclickmon

Growing up, Redoble had always struggled with his weight. He had been obese even as a kid, already weighing 165 lbs (75 kg) even when he was still 9 years old. As expected, he was bullied for his weight.

This led this young man to believe that he would never be accepted for his body image and that he would always be made fun of because of being obese.

In college, Redoble took up pre-med. The difficult course meant he had to work extra hard to study – and that also meant he was always hungry. Focusing on his studies, his weight continued to increase.

“I ballooned up to over 200 pounds (90.7 kg) and was at my absolute worst physically, mentally and emotionally,” he recalled.

One day, he just made the realization that he had to lose weight and take control of his future. He shifted his course from pre-med to Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science which allowed him to learn how food affects the body; in turn, this allowed him to use food to his advantage, using it to improve his athletic performance.

Redoble bought a Dance Revolution arcade machine and asked the school to let him put this in the campus recreation room. The school agreed – and he would regularly use the machine to have fun. But it was not just fun for the student because he was also using it to lose weight.

With the added motivation of his friends also being able to use the machine to lose weight with him, Redoble would quickly lose weight. While people the other students laughed at him in the first weeks, they would soon admire this obese guy’s dedication.

“On the way to getting my degree, I trained my hardest to try and become the best while putting in the work for my education. I’ve been able to help dozens of friends along the way reach their fitness goals and goals through dance games. Promoting wellness was something I realized that I wanted to do and that it was the most fulfilling thing I can do for people,” he shared.

Thanks to his fun-filled Dance Revolution workout, Redoble lost weight and became fit. Today, he is a licensed fitness coach who uses his past weight-loss experience to motivate his clients.

Watch Redoble in action at this impressive video:

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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