Boy Abunda earns mixed reactions online for questions on Miss Q & A

MANILA, Philippines – Boy Abunda trended online for his stint as judge at the It's Showtime Miss Q&A InterTALAKtic 2019.

As per the contest rules, judges were to ask one question to the candidate. The Miss Q & A “Talakan” portion was usually full of laughter and witty answers. While most questions were seemingly taken out of thin air or sometimes “irrelevant”, the crowd and the judges focus more on which contestant gave the wittiest and impactful answer.

Boy Abunda earns mixed reactions online for questions on Miss Q & A
Boy Abunda | Screengrab from ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube video.

For contestant Chad Kinis Lustre-Reid, it was Tito Boy Abunda who gave the question. Chad had been known to impersonate the veteran host and was thrilled that he gets to meet Tito Boy.

However, many netizens online noticed that Tito Boy's manner of questioning seemed “unfair” and “out of line.” Some called out the host for asking too many questions and allegedly “debated” and interrupted Chad.

Boy Abunda earns mixed reactions online for questions on Miss Q & A
Chad Kinis Lustre-Reid | Screengrab from ABS-CBN Entertainment Youtube video.

Here's how the conversation went:

Tito Boy: “Kung ako si Tito Boy, kaano-ano ko si Ate Girl?”

Chad: “Kung ikaw si Tito Boy at ang tanong ay kaano-ano niyo po si Ate Girl, depende po kung ang apelyido niya rin po ay Abunda.

Kung ang apelyido niya po ay Abunda, maaring kayo po ay mag-asawa…

To which Tito Boy interrupted and said, “Hindi, hindi kami magka-apelyido.”

Chad replied, “Eh 'di niyo po ka-ano ano”

The answer drew cheers and laughter from the crowd.

Tito Boy, not giving in called the attention of the crowd, “Sandali lamang, pero Chad, Tito Boy ako, siya si Ate Girl, kaya tinatanong kita, baka sakaling may relasyon kami, ka-ano ano ko siya? Dapat bang magka-apelyido kami para magkaroon kami ng relasyon?”

Chad: “May mga bagay-bagay pong nababalot ng misteryo. Ang tanong na yan ay napakahirap dahil yan po ay pamilya niyo. Huwag niyo po akong idamay.”

The crowd and hosts were laughing again. Chad was called out for not answering properly as Vice Ganda jokingly said, “Hoy, si Tito Boy yan, ayusin mo!”

Chad apologized, “Sorry po, sorry po.”

Tito Boy: “Tatanggapin ko yun pero Chad, wala kang choice dahil inumpusihan mo sa panggagaya sa akin, kaya kung ako si Tito Boy, siya si Ate Girl, ikaw Tito Tito Boy. Ano ang relasyon nating tatlo?”

Chad: “Kung kasali niyo po ako, baka napangasawa ko po si Ate Girl. So malamang kung napangasawa ko si Ate Girl, ikaw ang tito niya dahil kayo po si Tito Boy…

Tito Boy: “Ikaw?”

Chad: “Kasambahay po…”

Netizens react

Netizens shared mixed reactions online. Some said that Tito Boy might have even caused Chad's chance.

Netizen Jaydee Tapas wrote, “If Chad doesn't make it to the next round. I'll put the blame on Tito Boy.”

Ricky Alburo also tweeted, “Tito Boy, bakit may follow up questions? Ano yan quiz bee?”

Netizen Roman Espiritu tweeted, “I just find Tito Boy medyo bastos, he should let Chad answer the question he asked.” The tweet earned more than 700 likes in agreement.

Netizen Red Soshi also tweeted, “There should only be one question but Tito Boy keeps on interrupting when in fact it's not a debate.”

Meanwhile, followers of Chad were relieved when he got in Top 6 of the competition and eventually received the second runner up award. Mitch Montecarlo Suansane won the title.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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