‘Influencer’ blocks artist for refusing ‘shoutout’ as payment for making her portrait

MANILA, Philippines – An ‘influencer’ has earned the ire of netizens for asking an artist to paint her portrait, similar to the one he made of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, but offering a ‘shoutout’ as payment for the commissioned sketch instead of money!
‘Influencer’ blocks artist for refusing ‘shoutout’ as payment

Hans Alcanzare shared a screenshot of his conversation with the ‘influencer’ whom he did not name in his post on Facebook.

In the post, Alcanzare explained that the influencer messaged him to request that he make her portrait similar to the one he made of Catriona Gray, on the same canvas size. She praised his work as ‘sobrang ganda’, telling the young artist she needed it the following week.

But after Alcanzare told her such a portrait would cost her Php15,000, the woman told him the price is too expensive and that she’s an ‘influencer’. She offered him a ‘shoutout’ as payment. The woman got angry that he would not accept the ‘shoutout’ payment; thus, she blocked him on Messenger.

This led the artist to share the experience on his Facebook account where it went viral, gaining over 114k reactions and nearly 50k shares in 24 hours.

‘Influencer’ blocks artist for refusing ‘shoutout’ as payment
Photo credit: Hans Alcanzare / Facebook

Hi Ma’am thank you for blocking me so I have now the opportunity to post this. My work might be just a piece of shape, curve and shade for you. But for me, I consider it as my greatest workmanship and able to call it my own “Masterpiece”.

I respect you as an influencer and I have nothing against with it coz’ I know that’s how you do for a living. But, I know you are getting paid for the product placements and endorsements as an influencer so please, don’t expect me to do something for free.

I hope you understand that I invest so much on my art materials, time, energy and effort. Getting a shoutout doesn’t even pay bills or fill an empty stomach. Please don’t look down on us (artists) and on our arts. Thank you!

Netizens were angry at this still unnamed influencer, telling her to pay up the artist if she wants the portrait done. Many pointed out that if the said influencer believes it was easy to make these beautiful sketches, then she should simply do it herself.

Others urged Alcanzare to share the woman’s name. But the artist said he does not want to shame the influencer.

“This post is not intended to shame her, she has a huge number of followers on IG and youtube subscribers. So I know na kapag I drop her name sya ng next for cyberbullying. Im just hoping this will reach her feed and marealize nya na yung skills namin is not a joke,” he replied to one of the comments praising him for not dropping the name of the ‘immature’ influencer.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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