Immigration officers slam Tony Labrusca for allegedly cursing, bragging at NAIA

MANILA, Philippines – Tony Labrusca is in hot water after Immigration Officers revealed that he shouted and cursed them while at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 on Thursday, January 3.
Immigration officers slam Tony Labrusca for allegedly cursing, bragging at NAIA

The “Glorious” actor has recently been overseas for the holidays but when he arrived in Manila, it seems like he got into a NAIA “fiasco”. The issue began when Labrusca tweeted his apparent frustration over the Philippine immigration. In a now deleted tweet, Labrusca wrote, “Just landed in Manila and the Philippine immigration only gave me 30 days here . LOL . k.”

Tony Labrusca
Tony Labrusca called out for cursing Immigration officers | Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Tony Labrusca

Netizens went abuzz when a Facebook user Janine Salvador barred the details of what allegedly transpired at Labrusca’s experience at Philippine immigration. Salvador explained, "You don't have a Philippine passport, not even born in the Philippines, and not travelling with Filipino parents, but you want the same treatment as the other former Filipinos.”

Labrusca is the son of both Filipino actor Boom Labrusca and singer Angel Jones. He was born in Houston, Texas, United States but grew up in Los Angeles, California. Labrusca rose to fame in the Philippines for being a commercial model and an actor.

Salvador continued that the actor bragged his popularity as he cursed at her supervisor. She wrote, “You even shouted and cursed at my supervisor, bragging that you're a celebrity. Ang galing mo talaga umeksena, hindi ka na nahiya sa ibang tao. Sigaw ka nang sigaw sa harap ng officers.”

Tony Labrusca NAIA fiasco
Facebook user Janine Salvador slammed Tony Labrusca’s behavior | Photo Courtesy: Fashion Pulis

"The funny thing is, you were so proud to brag that you work here when you're only supposed to be a tourist here in the Philippines. Tapos mai ganito ka pa na post. Palakpakan! For your info, Balikbayan visa is not a working visa. Nakakahiya ka,” Salvador revealed.

Another Facebook user, Noraisa Saud also shared her opinion on the incident. Saud also defended her supervisor who has disrespected by Labrusca. She said that Labrusca should publicly apologize. Saud noted, “He’s so busy building his abs that he forgot to build his character.”

She also clarified that because Labrusca failed to show any proof of his Filipino citizenship, he is technically a foreigner. Like Salvador, Saud also revealed that Labrusca cursed at her supervisor, shouted at the officers and bragged that he is a celebrity.

Both Salvador and Saud’s posts have now been deleted.

The Immigration Supervisor involved in the altercation, refused to be named but confirmed the incident. She said that Labrusca arrived at NAIA Terminal 1, from his PAL-Canadian flight, Thursday morning.

Labrusca threw a fit when he was only granted 30 days for his tourist visa. The actor was asking for the Balikbayan Visa. The supervisor explained, "He was vehemently demanding for this status this morning. The Balik Bayan Visa (RA6768) is a 1 year free visa upon arrival. It is a privilege for former Filipinos and their direct alien national family members (spouse and children) accompanying them.”

The supervisor added, "It is a privilege, not a right. This is only given if the said ‘foreigner’ is traveling w/ his parents who’re former Filipinos or are still Filipino citizens."

Labrusca was traveling with neither of his parents. The supervisor said, "He is a US citizen holding of course a US passport. Not even a dual citizen.”

The supervisor was trying to explain that Labrusca is “still a foreigner obviously working in the Philippines w/o a proper visa."

Tony Labrusca NAIA fiasco
Tony’s father has apologized for the incident | Photo Courtesy: Fashion Pulis

Meanwhile, actor Boom Labrusca, has reached out to the Immigration Officer Janine Salvador and apologized for his son’s behavior. He wrote on the comment section, “Hi mam, kung ano man po ang naging problema, humihingi po ako ng dispensa sa inyo. Pasensya na po kayo maam. Btw, nag-pm po ako.”

Tony apologizes

"My biggest mistake perhaps was letting my emotions get the better of me and again I'm sorry."

Tony apologizes

Tony apologizes

— Sally, The Summit Express

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