Albert Martinez is truly “Teleserye King” as he stars in almost all Kapamilya shows


Yes, we may have a long list of matinee idols and leading men gracing our televisions every day but no one comes close to veteran actor Albert Martinez.
Albert Martinez is truly “Teleserye King” The General's Daughter

If there are awards for the “Suking Tatay” and the “Teleserye King,” Albert Martinez should bring home the trophies. The actor has literally been in almost the teleserye shows in ABS-CBN either as a mainstay or a cameo role.

Albert Martinez is truly “Teleserye King” Probinsyano
Albert Martinez stars in Ang Probinsyano | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Albert Martinez

Last year, you can literally watch Martinez from afternoon up until at night as he starred in shows from Kapamilya Gold and Primetime Bida. Martinez starred as Robert Mondragon in the afternoon soap Kadenang Ginto. At one point, Martinez was in 3 consecutive primetime shows. He was Tomas Tuazon in FPJ's Ang Probinsyano, followed shortly by his portrayal of Prof T in La Luna Sangre. Martinez also starred as the polygamous Victor Buenavidez on The Good Son.

When La Luna Sangre ended and was replaced by Bagani, Martinez was also seen as “Agos” in the show.

Albert Martinez prepares for his role as Prof T in La Luna Sangre
Albert Martinez prepares for his role as Prof T in La Luna Sangre | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Albert Martinez

Netizens were quick to point out that Martinez wins the “Special Participation Award” and praised him for his skills and versatility. No wonder the award-winning actor's Instagram feed looks like a catalogue of ABS-CBN'S shows. From ratings of Kadenang Ginto, his stint at Ang Probinsyano, Martinez is “everywhere.”

Albert Martinez is “Agos” in Bagani
Albert Martinez is “Agos” in Bagani | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Albert Martinez

With almost four decades of acting under his belt, Martinez has far proven he got the acting flair and versatility that actors would aspire for. From grabbing the role of Glenn Laxamana in the GMA TV series Anna Liza back in 1980, Martinez has since portrayed iconic roles both in TV and in film.

The 57-year-old actor isn't slowing down just yet. Martinez is again going to be part of another big project with an all star cast as “The General's Daughter” will soon premiere on ABS-CBN. Martinez will be starring alongside Angel Locsin and several veteran actors Tirso Cruz III, Eula Valdez, Janice de Belen, and Maricel Soriano. Martinez will play the role of the “General” while Locsin will be his daughter.

The General’s Daughter will soon premiere on ABS-CBN
The General’s Daughter will soon premiere on ABS-CBN | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Albert Martinez

Martinez may have awards for his acting skills but there’s still a role that he gets to enjoy everyday. On his Instagram, the versatile actor is one proud father and a doting grandfather to his family. Martinez’s lighter side can be seen as he laughs with his 3 children and cuddle his only “apo”, Adalynn.

Albert Martinez is one proud father and “lolo”
Albert Martinez is one proud father and “lolo” | Photo Courtesy: Instagram/Albert Martinez

May it be portraying a treacherous businessman, a corrupt mayor, a loving father or even a good-natured “Haring Aswang”, Martinez proves that his unprecedented skills make him a sought-after actor in the industry.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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