Kids from Tacloban go viral for impressive a cappella performance while caroling

MANILA, Philippines – It’s Christmas season and many kids go caroling in the streets or from house to house, trying to bring some holiday cheer to others while also hoping to earn some money in exchange for some songs. While most of the kids just do the usual songs, others do some gimmicks to get more attention and hopefully receive more money for their performance.
Kids from Tacloban go viral for impressive a cappella performance

But two kids went viral for their impressive a cappella performance while caroling at a bus station in Tacloban City. Singing a medley of Christmas songs, the two serenaded the passengers who were surprised to hear that these boys had such beautiful voices!

With a little bit of blending, the kids sang so well that passenger Ritz Terante Collado decided to take a video to share the kids’ talent on social media. The post went viral, gaining over 3.9 million views since it was posted.

A lot of netizens were so impressed with these kids, saying that they have raw talent that could become more amazing if they have the chance to share this with more people. Others commented that they watched the video over and over again, because they really loved the kids’ voices.

Many also hoped that the kids will be noticed by a recording company or at least by a TV station so that they can earn more money for their talent and get the chance to live better lives.

Sure enough, the boys would soon be featured on ABS-CBN’s TV Patrol. It turned out that these two were cousins and were out caroling to help earn money for their families.

Angelito, 14, and Arvin, 12, admitted that they often hang out at the bus station because there were a lot of people there. This helps them earn more money to help their families since their parents don’t have regular jobs.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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