Teacher expresses shock after discovering how much former classmate earns as fishball vendor

It is said that education is the key to success – and this holds true for a lot of people. However, those who did not finish their studies should not lose hope because a lot of drop-outs have found success in life, now earning much more than those who completed their studies.
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This does not change the fact that education is important, of course.

Recently, netizen Cath Conde Bugia shared a conversation which she claims to have been based on a true story. The conversation is between a teacher who met a former classmate who was unable to finish school and now just sells fishball for a living.

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But though the teacher first felt pity for the fishball vendor, things changed when they began talking about the money they earn from their chosen jobs.

Teacher: Manong 5pisong fishball nga.

Fishball vendor: Pre, kamusta na?

Teacher: Uy ikaw pala pre! Eto pre, teacher na! Ikaw Kamusta na?

Fishball vendor: Eto pre, simpleng fishball

Vendor: Buti ka pa pre!

Teacher: Dapat kasi pre nag aral ka!

Fishball vendor: Oo nga pre eh.

Teacher: Eh di sana pre, 18k/month din kita mo.Magkano ba kita mo dyan pre?

Fishball vendor: 1,500 per day pre. May dalawa pa akong cart at may tagabenta ako. Iba pa yung kinikita ko dun. Magkasakit man ako, at di makapagbenta, may kita parin ako... Nakabili narin ako ng lupa pre dahil sa pagbebentang fishball. Plano ko magpatayo ng apartment.

Teacher: (Speechless)

siomai and fisg ball
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While some people are laughing, saying that this could not possibly be true, the story is actually not far-fetched.

Currently, a Teacher 1 (Salary Grade 11) receives a gross basic salary of roughly Php20,000 but the net take home pay is lower and could be around Php17,000 after basic deductions. Obviously, the pay rate increases as the teacher’s rank and length of service increases.

Based on forum threads from people who were vendors or knew someone selling fishball, the business is actually lucrative. Depending on the vendor’s usual selling location, their earnings could be anywhere from Php1,300 up to Php6,000 per day – and this is based on 2016 prices!

In the post, it was emphasized that having a degree is good but the diploma is certainly not a guarantee that someone would succeed and live a better life.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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