Joel Cruz announces birth of 8th child

MANILA, Philippines – Fragrance mogul Joel Cruz, also known in the Philippines as the ‘Lord of Scents’, announced the birth of his 8th child on November 6, 2018. The child was born in St. Petersburg, Russia; just like his siblings, this baby was born via surrogacy.
Joel Cruz announces birth of 8th child

“My 8th child is born 2 hours ago in St. Petersburg, Russia. Thank you Lord for another very healthy baby boy! See you soon anak. Love you, daddy Joel! Nov. 6, 2018,” Joel posted on Instagram.

While the proud father shared a photo of his adorable newborn baby, he has yet to announce the name of this new addition to his fast-growing family. Although netizens believe the child would have a royal-sounding name, considering that his older siblings were named after famous British royals or had names that were fashioned as royalty.

In 2012, Joel welcomed twins Prince Sean and Princess Synne. Three years later, in 2015, he had two more kids, twins Prince Harry and Prince Harvey. The president and chief executive officer of the perfume brand Aficionado welcomed his third set of twins in 2017.

Just this June 2018, Joel welcomed another baby, Zeid, who was born in Moscow. He is the first to be a singleton birth. Then, just around 5 months later, this latest addition to the growing Cruz family arrived in St. Petersburg.

While the last two kids were singletons, netizens could not help but muse how nice it would have been if they had twins just like the rest of their siblings – as such, Joel would have had 4 kids this year, bringing the total to 10 children who are quite close to each other in age!

The fragrance mogul admitted that he relies heavily on nannies and nurses to take care of his children, especially when they are out on trips. Recently, Joel took the entire family (the 8th kid wasn’t born yet at the time) to a trip to Disney Sea in Tokyo, Japan.

Just like other families traveling to tourist attractions, Joel had a photo taken with all his kids and their nannies. He captioned the photo, “Thanks to the nannies & nurse of my 7 children. I can’t do it myself, I swear!”

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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