Gretchen Fullido sues ABS-CBN executives, co-workers

MANILA, Philippines – Gretchen Fullido filed charges against several ABS-CBN personalities for s*xual harassment and libel today, October 5.

Fullido sworn before Prosecutors' Office of Quezon City alleging that Cheryl C. Favila, former ABS-CBN News Executive, and Maricar P. Asprec, ABS-CBN News Segment Producer, s*xually harassed her.

Gretchen Fullido sues ABS-CBN executives, co-workers for sexual harassment, libel
Gretchen Fullido files charges against several ABS-CBN executives and co-workers.

Fullido's legal representative, Atty. Marvin B. Aceron of APV Law Offices shared details on his Facebook account. According to the complaint, “Fullido alleged that Favila and Asprec sent her text messages that were loaded with s*xual inn*endos, which amounted to requests for s*xual favors.”

“She further stated that when she rejected the advances, the two retaliated and made it difficult for her to work as a reporter and news anchor for TV Patrol,” the statement added. Fullido alleged that it went on for three years.

Fullido also named ABS-CBN executives Cecilia “Ces” Drilon and Venancio Borromeo and news reporter Marie Lozano for allegedly “besmirching” her reputation and filed libel charges against them. Fullido claimed that when she filed the s*xual harassment complaint against Favila and Asprec, the three (Drilon, Borromeo and Lozano) made a statement that Fullido was only doing it “to leverage her employment status with ABS-CBN.”

Drilon was pointed in the complaint for victim shaming and making imputed statements that Fullido “deserved to be harrassed” because Fullido allegedly “was willing to wear a b*kini with an inflatable pool with bubbles to shove up the ratings of TV Patrol.”

Following an investigation by ABS-CBN Management, Cheryl C. Favila was dismissed from the company due to Gross Misconduct but was cleared from the harassment case on July 16, 2018.

Atty. Aceron also noted, “Fullido, a regular employee and news reporter and anchor for ABS-CBN, is the first Filipino news celebrity to speak up against sexual harassment in the news industry in the Philippines.”

ABS-CBN Press Statement

ABS-CBN respects the right of news anchor and reporter Gretchen Marie Fullido to bring her s*xual harassment complaint to the courts. Now that she has filed charges with the Quezon City Prosecutor’s Office, we expect all parties to allow the legal process to take its course.

ABS-CBN takes sexual harassment seriously and does not condone such acts in the workplace or by its employees. 

When Ms. Fullido filed an administrative case against a supervising producer and a segment producer for alleged sexual harassment in November 2017, the company took prompt action on the administrative complaint and decided based on the evidence presented.

— Sally, The Summit Express

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