Parents in hot water after leaving 5-year-old kid while watching PG-13 movie “The Nun”


Horror flick “The Nun” has been trending these past weeks due to its crazy special effects that would surely put you at the edge of your seat as you watch it, especially if you do so in theaters where the big screens make the horror flick even scarier.
Group in hot water after leaving 5-year-old kid while watching PG-13 movie “The Nun”

The movie has been classified as an R-13 movie; this means only those who are above 13 years old can watch the movie. Theaters are supposed to strictly implement this rule.

Recently, netizen Nelson Mendoza shared photos of a 5-year-old kid who was left outside the cinema because her companions had gone inside the movie theater to watch the horror flick, The Nun.

Group in hot water after leaving 5-year-old kid while watching PG-13 movie “The Nun”
Photo credit: Nelson Mendoza / Facebook

“This poor, five-year old girl was made to wait outside the cinema hallway because her companions, composed of four adults including both of her parents, all went to watch the R-13 movie, The Nun,” Mendoza wrote in a post that has since been shared by Pilipino Star Ngayon.

According to Mendoza, the group had already bought tickets for the horror flick; it had been a spur-of-the-moment thing and the group was excited to watch the movie.

When told that the child could not get inside the cinema because she was obviously too young to be anywhere near 13 years old, the group insisted on watching the movie. The guard on duty as well as the cinema porters told the group that they are free to rebook their tickets for some other day, preferably when kids are not around; however, the group continued to insist their right to watch the movie.

This led the kid to wait for the entire duration of the film, looking tired and bored while sitting on a chair outside the movie theatre.

Netizens have since slammed the adults who brought the kid to the cinema, saying they had ruined the child’s self-confidence and had exposed her to bad elements in society. A lot of kids have lost their lives after getting kidnapped from or near their homes, leaving the 5-year-old girl outside the movie theater on her own is certainly a very dangerous thing, netizens believe.

— Joy Adalia, The Summit Express

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